Brunch & Unstopables Scents

My husband & I started a new thing called "hotel-style brunch" where we literally have a fancy, hotel-style brunch at our home once a week.  With this brunch set-up, we wanted the space to smell great before the food was served.  So, what did we do?

We chose one of the new Unstopables scents to freshen up the space. We got two different scents, "Shimmer" & "Fresh"  but we chose "fresh" for our brunch setting - it smells great!  It definitely made a difference while we waited for the food to be done. We loved the airy, fresh scent we got from the spray..

If you're not familiar with Unstopables - it's a long lasting spray that elevates the everyday. The Unstopables collection features 3 luxurious scents, fresh, shimmer and lush. There are scents for air, home & even fabric.  So now even you're laundry can smell beautiful too.....right out of the dryer.  The laundry crystals feature breakthrough perfume micro capsules. They're literally like crystals for your laundry..... too cute! You'll def love the scents.

-post & photo by jen ramos

-  This post has been sponsored by unstopables , but the opinions expressed are my own.



  1. What a lovely table! And the view! Missing NYC! x

  2. Great idea! I wonder if my hubby would want to do this!

  3. Great Idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous table set and view!xx

  5. Love this idea of fancy brunch at home! The table and view are stunning also :) Happy Sunday Xo


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