New Book: 31 Days of Prayer for the dreamer & the doer

It's Here!!! 

A few weeks back I mentioned this on my Instagram

So, last year, I was asked to join a talented group of Christian women to co-write a book called "31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer" founded by the women at The Well Studio.   I was asked to be part of this beautiful & powerful devotional by contributing a prayer on Marketing + Branding and I admit, at first I was like, "oh my gosh, what am I going to pray?!?!? God pls help!!!" Well, thank God, I figured it out.  Below is a peek at my prayer as I was writing it down, before it was even published. The book is officially released! With over 200 pages, I know this prayer book will inspire & encourage you throughout year!  My prayer is on 'branding + marketing' and you'll find it on page 171.  I am SO excited & honored to be part of this!!!

This is a different type of devotional & I love how it is specifically for the dreamer + doer.  So, I'm curious, have you ever asked yourself these questions:

What kind of dreams do I have, that I want to start putting into action? 
How does God play a role in my business? 
Can I pray about my business & goals?

YES, we CAN certainly pray about business.  Our dreams don't have to be just dreams.  In fact, 'the Lord delights in our asking' -  as written in Proverbs 15:8.  I can't wait for you to read all the prayers by these 31 women. (including mine). 

If you're wondering, the book covers topics like:

faith • comparison • God’s word • freedom • serving • online influence
authenticity • identity grace in my home • singleness
marriage • creativity • collaboration + opportunity • branding + marketing • comparison
motherhood • success + failure • busyness & more!!

You can buy the book directly via  Made By Girl - a percentage of the proceeds from each book will go to NYC Rescue Mission (the charity of my choice).

Some of the AWESOME Christian women involved in this book include: 

Aedriel Moxley / Alisa Keaton / Beth Ann Platt / Casey Wiegand / Chelsie Birks / Claire Hogan / Demi Austin-Thomas / Dianne Jago / Esther Havens / Francie Winslow / Gina Ziedler / Hilary Rushford / Holley Gerth / Jen Ramos / Jennie Allen / Jess Connolly / Jill Monaco / Marshawn Daniels / Megan Smalley / Nancy Ray / Kristen Steele McCall / Kristin Rogers / Lara Casey / Lauren Chandler / Lindsay Sherbondy / Maggie Whitley / Megan Burns / Rebecca Lyons / Tricia Goyer / Valerie Woerner

-post by jen ramos



  1. I am a little obsessed with the last photo:) love it

  2. im just a little obsessed with the last photo. I love it!

  3. Me too thanks!! Glad this post is back up!

  4. congratulations!!!

  5. Officially added to my 2015 book list! Can't wait to get my hands on this!!

  6. I am loving this devotional! I started it for the new year.

  7. That is so awesome! Congrats to you :)


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