ShopBop for Spring...

ShopBop has a TON of cool stuff if you're into fashion. 

I L-O-V-E fashion. 

Like most women, accessories, shoes & handbags are my favorites! It looks like COLOR is still ruling the fashion world & I love it. Can you tell?

What do you think of all this COLOR? Or are you still in your little black dress phase?? 

F.  see by chloe 
J. l.a.m.b by Gwen Stefani

K. brian atwood

-images via shopbop



  1. Love those floral jeans, so on trend!

  2. I still can't get enought of color. LOVE it!

    Decor is like butter

  3. Oh yes! I want some color! I looove D,H and K. Gorgious. Here in Holland it is the second day the sun is shining and official the first day of spring. Still a bit chilly to go withouth a coat but every body is in a better mood already. I am wearing a black jeans and a black shirt with white roses now but your post make me wanna change in a more colorfull outfit.
    Have a sunny day.

  4. Love the accessories you included!

  5. such great picks! love the jewelry

    xx  Katie-Daily Crush

  6. I always have to wear a pop of color, even in the winter :)
    Right now I'm loving colored jeans!

  7. OMG D & F just made my jaw hit the floor. Especially F. Thanks for the picks! I'm going to start saving for those shoes. I'm so excited about all the teal and tiffany blue this season... keep it coming!

  8. Lol that first picture is too funny. It does seem like the more color we throw on nowadays, the more "on trend" we become. I love I, J, and K. Sooo cute. I hope the great pops of color are here to stay.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  9. Those handbags, those heels, that jewelry! Ahhh want it all!!


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