Design: Decorating with Green

It's almost springtime and I'm pretty sure a lot of you have green on your mind. Drew here, showing you one of my favorite color trends going on right now. I can't seem to get this brilliant shade out of my head.
I mostly think of Cassandra over at Coco Kelley whenever there is an abundance of kelly green. So, I guess you can say this is a dedication to her favorite color and all of you other kelly green lovers!
What's especially striking is when a room is filled with an assortment of green shades. The contrast between a mint and hunter green is so charming and lush, while a jade and chartreuse can have you yearning for more of this natural hue. Check out how these rooms portray green in its utmost perfection!
        House Beautiful   

Want to turn your favorite room into a green room, now?
Here are some pretty spiffy pieces to get you started!
5) Figuier Candle via Nordstrom
8) Moroccan Prestige Pouf via Amazon

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  1. Green is my favorite colour, but it seems like such a difficult colour to decorate with. I'm always looking for green inspiration. Love those bright green chairs!

  2. that is my favorite color...
    I love the bleached type finished wall and the green furniture...I am so worried and so unsatisfied with my own living room until now...the kitchen with the island, I can use that shade for the master bedroom.

  3. Haha I posted about the same today. I love Green. Great photos. Looove that first photo, so pretty. xx

  4. Green has a calm and soothing effect. I love all of its shades, there's no such thing as having too many greens inside the room. :)

  5. I have been trying to decide what to put with my dark grey walls, toying with a really soft pink but now I'm hankering for that amazing apple green in the first picture!

  6. LOVEEEE the green rooms.. amazing idea!! LOVE your blog
    xoxo meagan

  7. Gorgeous green! Love Tobi's living room!

  8. could never do green like this.


  9. I am LOVING green lately! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite colors. Love the floor pouf.

  10. I love decorating with green- especially kelly green! Great feature, Drew.



  11. Love the look! But I am not sure I love green enough to make a room out of it. You did give me some ideas though... :)

  12. gorgeous, fresh and bright.. I especially love it against the gray.. it appears to be almost regal

  13. That all green kitchen looks awful. I feel claustrophobic just looking at it. On the other hand, the kitchen with the green island looks lovely!

  14. Before owning my home, I was never a big fan of green. That is until I found this perfect muted mint green and painted my dining room that color. It is truly the perfect shade. Every other color has been changed in the past two years, but that green has held on. It's also very versatile. It goes from Fall decor to winter, to Spring and then summer. I actually just purchased new florals to incorporate into the room. The plan is multiple shades of plum, silver, and muted green. Pure joy!

    I love the Tobi Fairley and rooms. So gorgeous! That sunburst mirror is a must have.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  15. Although green is not one of my fav colours I loved how they look in the photos of the post! It really brightens up a place :) following and loving your blog!

  16. Green is my favorite color :) These are fantastic photos!



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