Renting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Hello MadeByGirl readers! I'm Elizabeth Sullivan- Interior designer & blogger over at Modern 24/7 blog! This Tuesday, I'll be sharing my rental experience with all of you!


I have always lived in rentals. I have a nomadic nature and I love to move every six months to a year. I also sell everything from my apartment when I move and start over with a different look. Being able to change things up because you are not obligated to anything and you have so little space to fill. 

You can try out different styles and furnishings and not feel like you have to keep them forever. You are not responsible for any problems with the apartment and can just call the super to fix things. You usually have great security and amenities in a rental as well. 

If your landlord lives in another state like mine does, you can pay them via Paypal & never have to see them at all!



Now, the unfortunate part of apartment living: you are paying for someone else to build equity. You are literally paying another person's mortgage. 

You could probably find a home to own where your mortgage would be the same as your rent and you would be building equity and putting your money somewhere you could get it back out.      


And the super ugly of renting – like several people have mentioned, living in a building with hundreds of other people is just gross. Someone on my hall is smoking or cooking exotic food every day and I have to smell it when I come home. There is also the noise of the garbage chute and the general dirtiness of the building to look at.   

But all in all – the pros outweigh the cons for me. I love the FREEDOM renting affords me. Wishing you the best of luck on your rental adventure in the city! You are going to have an amazing time! 

If you'd like to share, the good, the bad, the ugly of living in a rental, email me your submission with 3-4 pictures of your apartment! Pls use the same format as above!

-images by elizabeth sullivan



  1. Yay so glad you are on Made By Girl!! A. Your apartment is so stunning. I LOVE how you styled it. B. I lived in rentals for forever and I wish I did now. Home maintenance is hard!!! xox Elizabeth

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  2. Thanks a mil for having me on Made By Girl - I hope you are having a great rental experience and loving the city life!
    xoxo -e (

  3. These photos are stunning. Love your style. Definitely my favorite GBU post yet!

  4. Next time you want to sell all your stuff and move out, I will be happy to buy your entire apartments worth of furniture! Beautiful.

  5. WHOA! Elizabeth, your home is gorgeous. I can definitely tell that you're a talented designer!

  6. nice pictures!! Love your style! a big kiss muaks

  7. Couldn't agree more Elizabeth!
    I've experienced both...rented for a couple of years...bought and overhauled a condo....felt totally tied down, sold and returned to renting. As much as renting can be a pain, I totally love the freedom it affords me!

  8. Beautiful apartment!!

  9. I want to live in a space you create!! GORGEOUS!

  10. I just love the styling in this apartment! That lucite desk is luscious!

  11. This design is fantastic! Only wish I lived closer to get your items you wish to sell!! Great tosee you here on MBG!!

  12. I totally agree with all of these- right now i'm loving the freedom of renting and am thankful that I dont have my own place that I'm in charge of. Somedays I wish I own my own place, but then I realize how much work it really is :)

  13. What a beautiful apartment. Looove the desk, where is it from???

  14. This is the kind of apartment you see in TV and movies - beautiful!!!! Great post :)

  15. Elizabeth's stile is so chic. I have some serious desk envy.

  16. I have loved Elizabeth and her style from Day 1 — she is amazing! So happy that her talent can be appreciated by thousands more now!

  17. Good article , heh sometimes renting is just what is has to be - although making it look as lovely as the pix above is almost like having your own home that you own. The key is to save big by negotiating well, when you get your rental - so a girl can afford all those home furnishing luxuries! In London (England), where I reside, the rise in private Landlords is finally providing more room to negotiate on rents, - and on some pretty spectacular apartments if you look in the right areas! If you are in England I would also look at these 2 resources ( and I think you have plenty of ammunition to go get a rent reduction - leaving more money for all the lovely furnishings - yay!


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