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Hello friends! Have you heard of Joss & Main??

Joss & Main is one of my fave sites for great deals on just about anything home decor related! 

Just last week I splurged on 6 Iittala Ultima Thule highball glasses (they're so gorgeous) & so glad I did! Just ask MY HUSBAND, he's not allowed to use them! Ha!  Anyhow, if you haven't signed up for Joss & Main, you must... they have some amazing deals on so many items you see floating around the internet, that I know you were dying for! 

I'm signed up for their email newsletter too, which informs me when new items go up! Love this site, it's my go-to for cool home accessories and so on! Enjoy your Wednesday!

-all images via joss & main



  1. Love that black side table up top! I am a member of Joss and Main and I look forward to their emails everyday!

  2. Those glasses are so unique. Great choice!

    p.s love that you are in new york now!

    my life in style

  3. I loooooooooove that bench. I love it. Gah, why do I live in Europe?

  4. I love Joss&Main- such wonderful finds!



  5. I love that white bench! So cute


  6. The glasses are lovely, I covet anyone's Iittala. I have a few vintage pieces of my own.

    But unless you want the Finns to riot (trust me, I'm Finn) spell Iittala with two i's:

  7. TANYA: you are correct thanks!

  8. That is one beautiful cushion <3

    Wish we had J&M in Australia...

    PS. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog if any of your followers are interested in entering. It's a $249 interiour design voucher. Details are on my blog:


  9. Oh I wish I had a space of my own to decorate with all of these things!

    -Living Mannequin

  10. JINELLE: I swear , me too! its what id love to buy next!

  11. i have such an affinity to anything gold and animal shaped


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