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Brooke from the Modern Sophisticate here again for your interior design fix. When building a room I usually suggest to keep the larger pieces in your home simple and basic so they'll stand the test of time and you won't tire of them too quickly. 

Where you bring in your funk & pizazz is through your accent pieces and accessories!  Lately, my eye has been drawn to BONE INLAY FURNITURE as just the right amount of simplicity and pizazz for contemporary rooms.

via graham and green

Below with even more pizazz!

Bone inlay is a little bit tribal and a little bit polished. It's a little earthy and a whole lotta chic. Check out the pieces I've been dreaming over:

Did you notice the herringbone on that cocktail table?  I. Die.

1. Ironies Starburst Mirror
2. Ironies Armmoire
3. Ironies Klismos Chair
4. 1st Dibs Cocktail Table

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  2. That bone inlay mirror and vanity are amazing!! I love them!

  3. Oh my goodness, that post bed is absolutely stunning. I love the intricate details of the headboard. I completely agree with you on the major things not being attention grabbers. I change my decor every season by swapping out accessories and arrangements. There's no way I could do that if I had loud, vibrant staple pieces.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  4. MARIAM: I dont think making every criminal famous will help anything. If you want to do something, the best thing is to NOT spread yourself too thin. This creator of the documentary - was touched somehow by this country and those people and thats what he is concentrating on. But perhaps this could be the start of something new. A way to make these criminals be known like celebrities, so that that they can perhaps be caught. I say if you want Bashar (who i've heard of) to be caught, maybe you could try a similar approach to what the KONY producer is doing????

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  5. I am loving the headboard in that first image! May have to diy my own version.

  6. Check out that starburst mirror! What a beauty ;)

  7. We've been trying to raise awareness for the past 11 months.. on twitter, facebook and other social networks. We've been making videos and documentaries, organizing protests in major cities.. talking to famous people about our cause..just as you suggested. But no one is listening, no one cares, I wonder why..

  8. Love that herringbone coffee table...
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Stunning! Starburst mirror - incredible!

  10. I actually think the cocktail table is my favorite! Love the pattern and the light reflective quality if the bone inlay.

    Happy weekend!
    Amy R.
    {plain & fancy living}

  11. WOW! That bed is gorgeous! Bone inlay is so becoming!
    Would be great to add a couple pieces in the home!


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