Molton Brown...

I never tried Molton Brown until recently....& now I'm wanting everything in their shop! I'm now keeping my eye out for their scented candles - so next time I'm shopping, I'll try & pick one up! 

They seem to have a wide variety of products on their site, like soaps, shampoos, men's fragrances, lotions & lots more. I thought the women's travel size toiletry kit was perfect for you women who are always on the go!

Have you tried their products? If so, what?

Here's my set below. I got the NEW Rok Mint soothing hand lotion & the Rok Mint liquid hand wash. They both smell really great! You can get Molton Brown here or any high end shop for that matter.   

They're a little pricey, but definitely good quality + you can impress your guests by having these in your guest bedroom! That's what I'd do if I had a guest room here in the city...

However, for me, this luxurious lotion & wash will be kept in our kitchen!

-bottom image by jen ramos



  1. Pricey, but worth a king's ransome! My favorite skin product line.

  2. there is a store in midtown east :)

  3. I love Molten Brown. I used to both the hand soaps and hand lotions. They carry a wide variety of it over at

    Vonae Deyshawn

  4. My husband's aunt gave us Molton Brown shower gels and lotions from the UK 3 years ago as a present. Then we told her that we LOVE it. She keeps on sending us and we never ran out ever since. We're soo lucky!

  5. Obsessed with Molton Brown!! The shampoo (hair wash) makes your hair smell sooo good... thekku is my favorite scent. xo

  6. I LOVE Molton Brown! My favorite is the Naran Ji. Smells so good!

  7. I've never tried their products but I've always been curious!

  8. Love Molton Brown! In fact One of the hotels in San Francisco has it in their restrooms, it's now my favorite hotel in the city...yep, that's right some people choose their fav hotel by their bathrooms or linens, not me, I choose my favorite by the Molton brown products.


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