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Hello all! This is Brooke Jones from Modern Sophisticate talking about room dividers. Interior designers always have a few tricks up their sleeves for typical design dilemmas.  One of my favorite solutions for converting awkward areas into fabulous spaces is the use of a folding floor screen. 

Do you have unsightly pipes in a corner?

Put a screen in front of it.  Have an open concept space you need help defining? Use a screen as a room divider. Not only are screens the master of disguise, they are always a great way to add instant drama and visual interest.

Here are three screens paired with pieces for a home office...

an entryway vignette...

and a Master Bedroom...

How would you use a screen in your home?

Golden Glamour
2. Bungalow 5 Jacqui Console/Desk

Clean & Classic
1. Victoria Hagan Carroll Folding Screen

Royal Tradition
1. Windsor Smith Anna Sophia Screen
2. Furbish Brass Urchin
3. Circa Lighting Thornton Table Lamp
4. 1st Dibs Dorothy Draper Chest

-Post by brooke herdman



  1. I love room dividers, just don't have space for one! Great post.

  2. Every piece of "clean and classic" makes me oh so happy!

  3. FANTASTIC FINDS! I'm drooling over the golden glamour collection…

  4. This is a great post! Although I adore my open concept town home, I would like to put a divider there, just to give the kitchen and living room some separation.


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