Series: My Home, My Space

What is your favorite area in your home and why?

"Hi this is Devon Rachel from Devon Rachel blog & I'm so happy to be participating in the first My Home, My Space series on MadeByGirl!
My favorite area in my home at the moment is definitely my bar (cart). After searching for what seemed like years, I finally found the cart and could not be happier with it! I love that it has additional storage space on the bottom shelf. I never have enough room in my home to store my things!

I'm a huge fan of displaying pretty trinkets, so it gives me a fun way to incorporate what I've collected over the years."

-images via devon rachel



  1. That bar cart is great! I just saw a very similar one at Home Goods!


  2. A Chanel purse on display on the bar cart?! Sounds like my kinda girl. LOVE.

  3. Very cute, my favorite area is home office. I get to have it as girly as I want. There are some photos on my website on my About page!

  4. Love the bar cart too. And love that it can be such a versatile piece and move to wherever it is needed!

  5. Beautiful space!! I love your handbag displayed as art. Very clever!

  6. Sometimes patience rewards you with something amazing- like a fabulous "worth-waiting-for" bar cart! Love how you styled it!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  7. That bar cart is fabulous! Love it!


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