Design: The Entryway

Hi MadebyGirl readers, Sam here with another fabulous dose of decor.  Today's post is focused on one of my favorite rooms in a house: the entryway!

  I so adore entryways because they are the first room guests see when they arrive, and often set the tone for the rest of your home. I love to see meaningful items in an entryway, such as family photos, antiques, and other tchotchkes that represent you and your loved ones well.  This gives the entry a personality and tells a story to your guests.

An entryway allows for bold creativity and the ability to express design elements you would be to timid to use in your living or family rooms. Entrance halls are actually the perfect area to unleash your creative design daredevil and go bold, brave and creative.

If I were to re-design my entryway, I think I'd go for bold geometric flatweave rug, slipcovered chairs, and Orangerie Rose throw pillows:

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How do you like to dress up your entry hall?  Do you go for bold accents or keep it more subdued?

-post by samantha penner



  1. Samantha: great post! i adore the Ty Larkin entryway - that floor is unreal!!!

  2. How do you decide? So many great options here but I am drawn to pattern and color so a fun wallpaper is a great way to link the colors from the other rooms together!

  3. All of those rooms are stunning! My favorite is the one by Chapman House. The chandelier is absolutely gorgeous and the wallpaper is fab as well! Thanks for sharing!


  4. An entryway is the perfect place to try out crazy wallpaper.... Makes a big impression but you don't have to worry about getting sick of looking at it.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. Love a great entryway sets the tone for the whole house.

  6. Great choices Sam, I love the settee in the first image we are currently looking for something very similar.

  7. YES! Love this post. The entryway is probably THE most important part of a home. My mom always used to say "Wow them from the beginning" ;)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  8. These are all so amazing! I can't choose a favorite!

    Xo, Amanda

  9. The Ty Larkin entryway is amazing....the floors and the seat are gorgeous!!

  10. beautiful inspiration from a fellow family member of God! I love Jesus too:)

    xo stop by for a visit!

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue

  11. Great post, Sam! Such great inspiration. As one of the first things someone sees when they enter your home, I think an entry way is pretty important!

    go for the glam
    Deepa Gurnani Giveaway

  12. I love the wallpapered entries -- so stylish and pretty! Maybe a pop of wallpaper on one wall (I am thinking of using a yellow and white graphic print) would add some beauty to my home's front entry space. Lauren @Mom Home Guide

  13. I love that first entry way so much!! They are all great though!

  14. I love the black and white patterned floor, so pretty!


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