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Hi Made By Girl readers! It's Amanda again. When Jen posted the new Chanel No 5 print in her shop, I've knew I had to get it and style a room around it. It's the perfect added touch to any room... and it's classic! Here's how I would style it and some quick tips when adding pink accessories to the home. 

How do you add pink to your home?

7 Gold Pig 
8 Ikat Box 
10 Ottoman

-post by amanda dietz


  1. amanda knows what's up! nails down my style each time. gorge! x

  2. I have this vanity turned writing desk in the Louis the XV style. I painted it Martha Stewart Beet. So that is pretty pink for me, and funny thing the boy helped choose the color. It is part of my "room of one's own" and dressing area.

  3. LOVINGF that ikat box! And of course, the piggy bank. That has been on my wishlist for a loooong time :)

    Holly Foxen Wells

  4. LOVE those lamps...any idea of a budget friendly option? & this moodboard is just lovely! xo, shari

  5. Love the ottoman and the coffee table. I add pink to my home with pillows. Great choices!

  6. That´s a great one! I love pink but only when it´s minimal (see my blog design) and paired with white, black and grey, it´s a statement color, I think!

  7. Glam and gorgeous! Amanda is incredible.


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