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Hello again, everyone. Katie here, from H2 Design. I don't know about you, but lately I've been drawn toward all the eye catching mirrors scattered about the blog world. Whether wood or metal, medium or over-sized, vintage or new, attached or leaning... they can all make quite a statement (assuming you pick an interesting one, of course!).

As a plus, working them into a room is relatively easy. Just some wall space will do, maybe centered over a chest, console, or fireplace, leaning against the wall; solo, or even better, in a collection.

The reflection will pick up your existing decor and, hopefully, help the room feel somewhat larger as well.

 image via creamy house.
image via Elle Decor.
image via twit pic.
image via the marion house book.
image via home by linn.
I've collected a number of my current favorite eye catching mirrors below. We have had number 3 leaning up against the wall in our entry for some time now, and it is easily one of the most complimented pieces in our home! Do you have a favorite? Number 6 has me a bit tempted (and it only looks better in person!).
1 - Maison Luxe / 2 - Jayson Home / 3 - Anthropologie / 4 - Maison Luxe / 5 - Maison Luxe / 6 - Anthropologie / 7 - Jayson Home / 8 - abc home
Do you have any eye-catching mirrors in your home??
-Post by katie hackworth


  1. my favorite one is number 1

  2. I love the third one! I used to have a ceiling made of mirrors, it was pretty amazing! it made the room so much bigger!

  3. LOVE that first mirror! I'm looking for something similar to hang over my fireplace.

  4. I adore mirrors. I have them all around the house, leaning up against walls or just hanging. I think every room in my home has a mirror! loved the ones you picked! have a nice day.

    caroline @ patagonia gifts celtic jewelry

  5. They are my passion! They make miracles ecpacially with small spaces! Number 8 it's perfect..classy and simple.


  6. Oh god I love mirrors. Greats ideas :) Love them all!

  7. I LOVE an eye catching mirror- especially venetians!

  8. I love the image with the old fashioned bath tub! xo

  9. IKEA's

    looks just like the one in the third image.

    It's a big mirror too. 6.5' tall.

  10. ive always loved how mirrors can change a rooms vibe. great post!
    -love from Las Vegas

  11. Hello Everyone! my favorite is the first mirror.


  12. LOVE the idea of having a mirror adjacent to a bath tub. What a cool idea!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  13. Thanks for all the fun comments ladies! And "One Hot Mess"... that IS the IKEA Songe Mirror! Good eye!

  14. I love statement making mirrors and I have a starburst that I love. The round mirror is stunning!

  15. These are all fabulous mirrors! Great inspiration as I shop for my new house - thanks!

    Brighton Keller

  16. i am in love with bold mirrors! the third and fourth ones are right up my alley :)

  17. i love the idea of stacking mirrors so cute and simple xx

  18. I wrote a blog on this as well a couple of weeks ago,and I am with you they just add something so magical to a space! I love the idea of leaning several on a wall and the picture with the round one is pure perfection! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love that foyer vignette! That reclaim wood mirror is absolutely breathtaking and I have hunting for one since the first time I saw it in the magazine.

  20. hey there...
    You Got Really Nice Choice in Pictures...
    and Nice Mirrors...I Like that Number 3...That's Bit different.
    Picture Mania


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