Skull Trend

Skulls are everywhere!

Lately I've been seeing them on home decor items such as pillows and candles, on jewelry, and on women's apparel. So basically skulls are really in trend right now!

So much so that we even have them in my MadeByGirl shop with items like the popular double skull bracelet & even the skull patterned poster. So, if you'd like to jump on this trend, here are 15 of my favorite skull items out there! 

What do you think of the skull trend? Are into it?  

1. Herend skull via gift collector
2. Alexander McQueen britannia skull clutch via net-a-porter
3. Brass gold skull via the evolution store
4.DL&Company skull candle via amazon
5. Louis In extremis pillows via kyle bunting
6. "Skulls in Contemporary Art and Design" via barneys
7. Skull pillow via anchored
8. Skull candle via koff
9. Skull pattern poster via MadeByGirl  
10. Sequin skull pillow via ankasa
11. Alexander Mcqueen metallic leather skull clutch via saks
12. Alexander McQueen pashmina skull scarf via matches
13. Double gold skull bracelet via MadeByGirl
14. Calavera tassel earrings via shopbop
15. Sequin skull pillow via ankasa

-image above via nicolette mason



  1. I think if it's not Alexander McQueen it's a copy and copies have been waaaay overdone, Jen. Just saying...

  2. A mcqueen clutch is a MUST!

  3. I really love the pillows!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today :)

  4. I do love this edgy touch in decor! It's fun to see a glam girly room rocking a skull head, don't you think? Love it!

    Nancy xo

  5. I've been noticing this trend too! I love the edginess of it, perfect for more girly pairings! Some gorgeous options here!

  6. Wow I loved this skull trend.. I thought it was only for imo style people but now this looks chic and suitable for adults. You always come up with the coolest ideas :) cheers

  7. I've been noticing this too . I can't say it's something I'm going for but then again I often say that about 'trends' and before I know it I'm there :)

  8. I love the DL&Company candle with the gold skull! They have the best 'candle cases' out there!

    Have a great weekend!


  9. I'm loving this trend especially those coloured candles

    Kate xo

  10. I just bought one of the skull bracelets from your shop (literally, just pressed the pay now button a minute ago), and am giddy with anticipation over its arrival.

    !!!!! <----this is me


  11. Love the Skull Pattern poster! Gives a room that instant edge!
    Enjoy the weekend-

    Gen x

  12. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    hope you can check mine out as well! : )

  13. pretty little things: thanks! i'll take a look soon :)

  14. I really like the skull trend. I bought a bracelet from baublebar and saw yours yesterday. I really like it a lot...and mayb have to add it to a "to buy" list soon.

  15. The skull trend is not my thing but I would love the clutch no2! :D

  16. cool stuff!
    i especially love the bracelet
    and the sequin pillows!
    have a great weekend :)

  17. I definitly love skulls!

  18. the truth is that I have never been very enthusiastic about the skulls but there are things between your selection very original . I like nº 13

  19. I love the union jack clutch? Is that what its called a clutch? Not very fashion forward I guess.


  20. I've got skulls everywhere in my home and I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of number 9 ;)

  21. Herend skull decor? hilarious. I think of them as so stuffy, elite, elegant! but this is great. Love that clutch!!!
    Have a great week.

  22. AnonymousJuly 02, 2012

    love this post.

  23. Love this post, was on my list to do a post on skulls as well!!
    Great minds think alike ;)

  24. I'm so into it that my younger son's birthday will be a Pirate Theme - skull and all! I'll be buying your skull bracelet soon. It's rockin' cool!

  25. just purchased the bracelet! i've been hoping to get the mcqueen- but this is just as fab..can't wait for its arrival!

  26. I am loving the skull trend! And you've come up with such a great collection. Gold skulls are my favorite, in whatever form. :)

  27. check out my blog on skulls too :D


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