Father's Day Gift Ideas

My assistant Shannon & I, put together this gift guide for Father's Day - even though I have yet to decide what to get my own dad. However, at least this is a start right? 

Do you know what you'll be getting DAD this June 17th???

1. Logo shaving Razor Malin + Goetz
2. Peppermint Shampoo & Cilantro Conditioner via Malin + Goetz
4. iPad
5. Thomas Pink Slim Fit Dress Shirt
8. JCrew bag
9. JCrew iPhone Leather case



  1. yes, my dad would love a new bowling ball :)

  2. Great gift ideas! I really the the Jcrew bag. My Dad and Grandpa would love it.

  3. Great suggestions. I always struggle to shop for the men in my life.


  4. I needed some ideas:) Thanks chica!
    Have a great weekend~

  5. good inspiration!:)

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  6. I have no idea what I'm getting my Dad yet, so thanks for the ideas!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  7. Love the Dad gift ideas! Esp the jcrew bag & ipad! Great post!

  8. I wanted to share one little but funny story, few years ago my father who lives in Germany was visiting me, and it was around fathers's day, and all public places were decorated with the "Gifts for father's day" ads, and I MENTIONED TO HIM that i AM ALSO shop for a gift, and he told me :"Do you know, that gift from German means poison, do you really want to do it?"
    We were laughing, and that was a real "bonding moment" with him, who lives far away from me ;o)

  9. impromptwo- Ha, cute story.I had no idea thats what that meant either lol

  10. Love the gift suggestions! My dad would look
    pretty darn cool in those sunglasses :)


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