Suzy Q's Glamorous Bohemian Home....

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? It's totally feeling like Spring here in New York City, so excited for the lovely weather we're having this week! 

Today, I'm bringing all of you a unique home with a ton of style! Who lives here?! Suzy Q who blogs over at the Better Decorating Bible.

Her style is total glamorous Bohemian - don't you think?? This girl is NOT scared or shy about mixing prints & patterns & somehow STILL making it look good! I also love the touches of GOLD throughout her place, including on the gorgeous DIY greek key dresser & the food dog!

What kind of gold paint you're wondering?!? 

Well, she told me she used a spray paint by Krylon in Brilliant Gold which she bought at Walmart! Love it!! I think I need to buy that GOLD paint asap! Enjoy & thank you Suzy!

She also runs an online boutique with exclusive decorative pillows like the ones you see above! So pretty! 



  1. Loving this, and I've been so embracing spray patin these days for my DIY projects! Thank your for such a lovely introduction! Glad you are enjoying the NYC spring weather...beautiful this time of year! :)

  2. What a beautiful home! It's so eclectic yet makes sense!

    ♥Sara Neely

  3. OH MY Gosh!!!! How perfect is this place....adorable. I so love it. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring. xx

  4. Her apartment looks amazing. I love bohemian style. It's intersting to see on the forth picure, on the wall she have Croatian symbol.:))♡

  5. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog Jen, the post looks great!!

    Have a fabulous week!


    Suzy Q

  6. Um, that snakeskin director's chair is TDF. Never seen one and I'm LOVING it!!

    OH and dont forget to check out our GIVEAWAY today!!


  7. NIKKI: Me too! I swear i want one!

  8. Glad everyone loves the chair! It was actually an antique from my grandfather which I re-painted and reupholstered in a snake skin fabric. The piano bench was also my grandfathers which I use as a mini coffee table. :))

  9. LIESEL: Im with you on the DIY project, I just ordered the same gold paint to test it out on something in my place soon!

  10. HELEN: Yea i noticed that too!

  11. What a gorgeous home! And I love the Suzy Q chair :) xoxo, morgan

  12. Jen, I can't believe you featured this girl on her blog and gave her more traffic. At least up until a while ago her whole blog was other people's work and photos with her tacky logo plastered on them. In my book, that is a huge DON'T.


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