Renting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Hey there lovelies, this is Eileen from A Creative Day.
I'm here this Wednesday sharing a little about my rental..


Renting has made me more creative in how I inject my design aesthetic into a place I can't really change. Do I want to wallpaper my entry? Yes. But instead I painted a wall graphic to add some interest but it can be easily painted over when we move out. It also allowed me to pitch to my husband why I NEEDED that massive 6 foot by 3 foot painting for my dining room... "See honey, I'm not going to paint so I really need a shot of color in here."


My degree is in architecture so all I want to do is rip down some walls, open up our floor plan and do a little happy dance with all my eames chairs. My landlord and husband say no. Also, said landlord is fighting replacing the black and white wallpaper in the bathroom that totally doesn't match the black and white tile in the same room. I guess what frustrates me the most about renting is not having the control. I want to be able to decide if I want to replace the cabinets in the kitchen or paint my bedroom navy, and renting requires the opinion of another person who most certainly might not agree with what you think needs to be done.


The outer space "I really belong in a Star Trek movie" chandelier that was in our dining room. Period.

Interested in sharing your place??? 

If you'd like to share, the good, the bad, the ugly of living in a rental, email me your submission with 3-4 pictures of your apartment! Pls use the same format as above! 



  1. Wish we could see the star trek chandelier. it sounds amazing/awful.

  2. KATRINA: I think she was so horrified she didnt bother showing it.. lol

  3. That chandelier sure does sound.. uh, awful! I really enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  4. Love that chevron accent wall! cute post!

  5. I love that credenza. Where did you find that? It's perfect for an entry way. So Jealous.

  6. Love this series.

    Gorgeous dining room painting!

  7. I think she's talking about the lighting above her dining room table in the very first picture at the top of the post. I didn't notice it until I read the last sentence, and then I went back up for a look. :p

  8. Totally understand how you feel about renting. My studio bathroom is currently sporting a combination of mint green, orange, maroon and black ceramic tiles...not cute. Great job with the wall mural though, looks amazing!

  9. Ladyee A, I got my credenza at an amazing thrift store...

    Jen, thank you so much for featuring my apartment, LOVE this series and so excited to be a part of it!


  10. Totally feeling the ugly of renting today! A/C has not worked properly for a week which is a major problem in April in central Texas. I love these posts! Keep 'em coming. I think many people choose renting these days. We choose to rent because we cannot afford to buy in the area we want to live. Also, when you rent, you are not out for the cost of say, a new A/C.

  11. Agreed that Star Trek chandelier sounds haha...hilarious! So true on all of these Eileen! :)


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