1. Hi Jen! I love your blog and always check the news around here. ONe thing bothers me though: everytime you click on a LINK you put in the post, it opens up in ANOTHER window! So it´s like if I want to keep reading MadeByGirl I have to click right button blabla...

    It sux. And I know you can get this thing right just by marking a box to make the link you post open in a another window, so that way, we dont GET OUT OF MADEBYGIRL blog.

    It´s good for you because we spend more time on your blog and it´s good for us because we can click on the link and keep madebygirl´s window opened to continue reading.

    Well, it´s just a thought. Happy Easter! :)

  2. DAY! HELLO! thanks so much for letting me know...i'll have my webguy take a look- i dont like that either , but sometimes get so crazy busy, i forget to fix the small things like that. happy easter xoxo!

  3. Ooh--love these! What amazing colors! I love their wallets, too--especially the orange one.

    I'll be in NYC next week and will think of you! :)

  4. Those colors are amazing Jen! Would make any outfit POP :)

  5. If I only had more cash to play around with! I would buy the black one, the red one, and the blue one and...oh I'd buy them all!

    Lemaine's Randomness Blog

  6. THE RED ONE. Hands down!


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