Book Review: Vintage Remix

Have you guys heard of Kishani Perera? 

If not, she's the author of a new (favorite) book called, Vintage REMIX. She's also a talented Interior Designer- one who worked with model, Molly Sims, whose home is featured on the cover of the book! Kishani is also the founder of the design company, Fuse ID & you'll see her work in magazines like In Style, People Magazine, Better Homes & Garden & more. 

This girl gets a good way of course!  I love this book because it truly mixes modern & vintage, one things I really need to do more of in my own space, I know! But darn, it's not that easy. You really have to be talented (in my opinion) to get it to looks good & not forced. Know what I mean?!? 

Well, Kishani makes it look amazing....

The book also offers a BUNCH of advice on decorating on any budget, which is ideal for those looking to still have money left over. Each chapter is devoted to a single design element making it easier to follow.  

The 224 page book is published by one of my fave publishing houses, Abrams and can be picked up on here

This book is a must-have on every coffee table or bookshelf! You can buy your copy here

-images by jen ramos



  1. Oh Wow...I love the statement pieces!! I have been looking for a reason to do an amazon i have one!

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  2. How have I not hear of this book?! It sounds [slash] looks amazing. Vintage-mod is my go-to look for interiors; and, the author truly knows how to pull this look off. Thanks for sharing Jen.

  3. need to buy this! Already tell that I am gonna love it!

  4. Thanks for this...I have been wondering about this book!! xox Elizabeth

  5. That book looks like it's filled with all kinds of gloriousness!! I've always adored that office space on the front cover!

  6. The book looks beautiful! Going to have to buy it :)

  7. My birthday is coming, this book goes to my list!


  8. Definitely one of the books on my list!!

  9. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It nails my taste completely! Simple, easy to maintain, sustainable and organized!


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