My Review of The Marcel in NYC...

Many of you had asked me about my hotel stay in NYC this past month. Well, I thought I'd write a mini- review about what the experience was like staying at The Marcel at Gramercy. 

The minute we arrived we were greeted nicely & they took care of us immediately by showing us around. The lobby was super chic with plenty of room to sit down & relax. 

We had a king size bed & a pretty decent room on the 8th floor with a view of 24th street. The staff was super nice & very helpful - so no complaints.

They showed us around & took us the the 10th floor lounge which had an outdoor terrace - amazing!  The inside lounge area was full of windows & very spacious!  Get this, the outdoor terrace had a clear view of the EMPIRE STATE building! 

As for the room decor.... it was pretty unique with a super tall headboard & a clean & modern bathroom. 

One of my favorite things about the bathroom was it provided enough shelving space for all my toiletries.... which is a must whenever I travel! 

All in all, the manager & staff were very pleasant - I would definitely recommend this hotel - but if you're all about having a spacious stay, ask for a KING room! 

Our room was 809, but we'll be happy to lend it to you. Ha! Just kidding!! 

Are you thinking of visiting NYC anytime soon?? Where will you be staying?

The Marcel
201 E. 24TH STREET 

-image by jen ramos



  1. Looks awesome.
    I love the headboard!

    I hope to make it there one day.


  2. Looks like a gorgeous hotel! I love the headboard and the bathroom looks very luxe!

  3. I love the night shot of the city! I soooo want to visit New York!

  4. I have been thoroughly enjoying your NYC posts Jen, it was this time last year that I was there and it is fun reminising! This looks like a lovely place to stay. I can't wait to go again!! Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  5. i really need to go to new york!

  6. Gorgeous! Such a beautiful hotel!

  7. TORI: It was an amazing outside terrace on the 10th floor....absolutely loved it! :)

  8. MARCUS DESIGN: Aww Thank you Nancy! i had such a blast- cant wait to go back!

  9. this place is spankin gorgeous!
    Dreaming of visiting nyc one day...

  10. Gorgeous Gorgeous room!


  11. I would love visiting NYC soon but i hate planes... I will, but i do not know when...

    About my biker boots they do not look as great as they are in the photos... they more cool in person ; ) Iwill look the ones you told me.

    Jen, how can i send you an e mail? i do not see your mail in your web.... thanks

  12. KITSCH: I too hate flying...! it can be scary at times, but I'm doing better now then a few yrs ago.
    My email is jen(at)madebygirl(dot)com

  13. Oh wow... this place looks awsome!

    I love staying in something so grand, it makes you feel important (if only for a day!).

    Niki @ LQM&M

  14. Nice!

    I like the zebra cushions on the bad.

  15. OmmGee! I love that bedroom! That lime green headboard TALKS!


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