Book Review: Word As Image

Since I mostly review books about interiors and fashion, it's always nice to get something a little different. And since one of my favorite things is typography, "Word as Image" by Ji Lee was a fun break.  Ji Lee is the Creative Director of Facebook. Who knew?!?!

The book runs on a simple challenge: create an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.  One extra rule: only use the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside parts.  What results is a truly innovative art - simple words evolve into lines and shapes where the word itself becomes the illustration of the word. 

In the word ELEVATOR, the V and A become down and up buttons, while the O's in BALLOONS float away off the page. In the word MAGIC - the letter 'I' becomes invisible...that's definitely my favorite one!

The genius of it is the simplicity.  CLOCK is a clock face where the L creates the hands inside the O.
There is even hauntingly modern culture - NEW ORLEANS is half "underwater", the M and A in STOCK MARKET are a deep-dip stock line, and BRAZIL is, well, think "thong."
If not anything "Word as Image" is inspiring in its creativity and it will definitely make you think.

Which is your favorite Word as Image from the ones you see here??

-images by jen ramos


  1. Such a pretty book! I'd love to see a few of these framed on the wall of a nursery or office.

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  2. stopmeifyouhaveheardthisone: I agree!

  3. Really clever;)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Lovely greetings...

  4. Oh wow, this book is unlike anything I have in my bookcase. I think this will make a great addition to my collection and am putting it on my holiday list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. What an amazing book! I want I want I want! Nothing beats smart art!

  6. Wow that is awesome! I love typography and I found a lot of the words very creative!

  7. Too cute! Love "Pray" & "Spiderman" so clever. I don't know that I could be that creative with letters.

    -Danya @

  8. looks like a great book. might be one i need to add to my collection! thanks for sharing.

  9. Stunning book. And I love your nails (sorry - I get distracted easily).

    I also wanted to share something with you, as a fellow (but cooler) blogger: today is my first blogiversary and I'm hosting my first-ever giveaway (and it is handmade)!

  10. Wow, you're right, it is the simplicity that is very striking here. And it's very clever as well. Thanks for the review!
    Nancy xo

  11. I love clever books like these! Thanks for the introduction!


  12. Very smart. What makes people like these so ingenious, I wonder?

  13. I fancy sort-of-quirky books like this one! 'capitalism' is probably my favorite...unless you're counting the book cover then it's 'moon'. They're all great! hehe


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