The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson...

Have you guys seen the HOLIDAY GUIDE by Emily Henderson?

It's a 238 page guide full of gift giving ideas, downloadables, giveaways & behind the scenes look at HGTV Design Star Winner & Host of Secrets from a Stylist. Emily Henderson! 
Thinking about what to wear this Holiday season???!? 

Well, I was HONORED to be a contributor to this amazing issue- & pick out 5 Holiday Party Outfits that would look amazing at any party!  You can check them out on Page 95.
I hope you'll enjoy my fashionable picks! Click on the issue below to flip through all the pages!

Open publication - Free publishing - More christmas

Below are just some of the
contributors in this Gift Guide, including me! Thanks Emily!



  1. I have been saving this for later on tonight! Cannot wait to go through it! Congrats on the feature! Excited to see what you put together:)

  2. Wow i just flipped through a few pages - UH-MAZING - can't wait to look thru it later! thanks for sharing

  3. Oh, you can't go wrong with Emily Henderson! Congrats on getting to contribute!

  4. So exciting! Headed to check it out now!!

  5. WOW!! How exciting, Jen!! Can't wait to check this out!! As if I wasn't already psyched about the holiday cheer already!!

  6. I thought it was an excellent guide - and I was happy to see some familiar blogger faces in it!

  7. beautiful and so inspirational! and i agree with libby...i like seeing blog authors i know doing stuff like this! thanks for sharing.


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