What's in My Clutch?

This post is not the type of post I'll be doing too often...you know, the outfit post.  Mainly because this isn't a fashion blog & I'd rather post about home interiors & fashion accessories instead. Anyhow, I was in a CRAZY search mode for red pants & finally found some! You'll never believe where I found them & how much...more about that later! 

So let's begin....the clutch was gifted to me by Rachel Roy - lucky me! I love it! It's a small quilted clutch in a color called forest. I believe they also have a few other colors available on her site here. The clutch is small but it fits a lot.... as you'll see in this post! 

The black blazer ....hmmm It's old, I don't even remember where it's from.

The white T-shirt is from Zara. I bought it on sale about a month ago, it's so comfortable.

One of my leopard pieces, the thin leopard belt I bought at Express a week ago.

The cute shoes which I blogged about here, are by Rachel Roy. They look sooo pretty..... remind me of booties!
Leopard print bracelets from Aldo.

Sunglasses are Ray Ban.

iphone leopard case by JCrew. It's my new favorite case as you can see. 

Hair is real- not extensions.

And....the RED jeans are from Hot Topic. Get this, they were only $29 !!! Can you believe it?? 

My guy bought me two pairs, a size 3 & 5 just in case one didn't fit! The idea was to send the one that didn't fit back. Well, they both fit just fine..of course one tighter than the other, but not too bad. I'm normally a size 4 though. The one I'm wearing in the picture is a size 5 & they're long at the bottom! Perfect! They also have a bunch of other colors as well....
This outfit below is pretty much the same minus the red pants & black blazer.

This particular HOT pink blazer (below) I purchased at Zara about a month ago! I love Zara......I always find something to buy there & its one of the few shops here in town that I shop at.  Funny thing....the blazer was the last one they had and it was my size! How convenient.

Oh yea and the black skinny jeans are from Zara too...they have some cool stitching on them. You can see it in the closeup shot...they fit really nice, but I bought them about a year ago....so they're not available anymore unfortunately.

Like the bracelet? It's from Express. Bought it last week...

iPhone case- once again, JCrew.

So, what's in my clutch? Well, when I carry a clutch I tend to keep it light. So, my normal makeup bag is out of the picture. I only carry a few essentials like:

MAC lip gloss & MAC powder
Michael Kors Hollywood travel perfume
LOLLIA travel hand lotion
Dark Chocolate Nibs - my favorite from Trader Joe's  

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  1. Love this Jen. You'd make a great fashion blogger!
    Love how you said your hair is real. LOL
    Gorgeous clutch.

  2. Gorgeous pants, you are looking great.


  3. I think you should do more outfit post!!! you look so hot!

  4. holllly crap you are SO pretty!!!! I have never seen a picture of you other than your thumbnail image at the top of your blog, and this blew me away! you should model! love the style, looove the leopard belt, and booties. You look so chic. loooove.

  5. love the red pants so much, you pulled it off well


  6. I just found your blog today... WHEN did you get that hot pink Zara blazer? I am insanely jealous! By the way LOVE your art I cannot wait until you have more for sale.

  7. Hollllly hottie!!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE this post! You should do outfit posts more often! :)

    I'm on the hunt for red jeans too! Hopefully i'll score as well as you did!

    You look gorgeous! great post!

    You should do an outfit post AT least once a month! :) :) xo


  8. I absolutely love both outfits on you. You definitely have to do another outfit post in the future! I have been looking everywhere for some more choices in colored jeans. What a great find. Who knew you had such great taste in clothes as well as your home.

  9. Love love love your outfits! They're so bold and fun!

  10. Both outfits ROCK, and I'm in love with those bangle bracelets and shoes.

  11. LOVE the hot pink blazer! I need one!

  12. I never in a million years would have thought HOT TOPIC! Awesome Jen!! :)

  13. LOVE your look with the red jeans and leopard print accessories! It's fun to incorporate (or rather fun for your readers) style from your life into your blog...keep it coming! I am still trying to find a pair of red jeans too, so thanks for sharing your tips!

  14. I'd love to see more outfit posts from you! Love those blazers. Every time I see leopard print somewhere, your cute leopard print things come to mind.

  15. I loved your other post about leopard this week that i went out and bought the jcrew leopard case!! the belt you have on looks amazing and now im going to get it from express along with those red jeans!!! you have amazing style!!

  16. love rachel roy!! you look fantastic!

  17. Those pants are hot! I've been looking at red pants myself, so thanks for the link. And you are one stunning lady Jen! x

  18. Wow, you hot thing!
    Your clutch is so much more chic than the clunker of a diaper bag I'm sporting on my shoulder.

  19. You look gorgeous, Jen! Love everything from your blazer to your shoes. And your new clutch, too!

    P/S: Come by and join my giveaway for a chance to win a $75 gift card from Arcadian Lighting!


  20. Seriously could you be any darn cuter!

  21. I'd have to agree! Very cute stuff! Have you ever thought about actually doiung a seperate fashion blog?? I think you be great at it =) Take care!

    P.S. I Love Zara too!

  22. Hey, we have the same mac powder. That stuff is magical & practical, no?

    Btw, you fit all those in the seamingly small clutch? Loving the clutch already!

  23. Glad you finally found your pants! Doesn't it feels sooo good when you are looking for something in specific and you don't give up and then BAM you find it? Love the black jeans, especially the stitching!

  24. WOW amazing! You look great!

  25. Love the shoes-I ordered a pair a couple of weeks ago when you first posted about them! I LOVE them! Such a great shoe!

  26. Love each of your looks, and the clutch is fabulous!!!! You can blog about fashion any time.

  27. Oh girl. You are one HOT mama!!! And I love. it. all.


  28. Killer outfits! And yep, you are beautiful, as others have said!

  29. I love it!! You need to make fashion posts a regular! =)

  30. You, my friend, are gorgeous! Simply radiant. Don't stand next to me b/c it'll only give me a complex. Going to go do my ugly cry now. =]

    (LOL & "real hair".)

  31. what a cute clutch!


  32. I LOVE the fashion post as well !! You look so fabulous...and cannot believe the red pants are from hot topic !! Love the pink blazer...zara always has amazing finds !


  33. Love the fashion post Jen! You should definitely do them more often as you have FAB style! Love the hot pink blazer and those booties are hot! xx

  34. Loving those red pants and that hot pink blazer!! and that clutch looks great with both outfits!!
    You should do more outfit posts! (even if it's not, per say, a fashion blog...you're a fashionista in my eyes already ;)

  35. MERELY MARIE: Thanks! Yup all real ha!

    MIRANDA: Thank you! :))

    SIMPLY YVONNE: Haha thx! - I wish I could. I just dont have the patience to dress up ALL the time & post about it.

    FASHALINA AKA THE HYPERBALIST: Aww thank you - so sweet of you to say!

    PEAK: thanks!! I got the pink blazer about a month ago...i dont think they have it anymore :(

    THE DOCTOR'S CLOSET: Hi Monika! :) Ha! I would be exhausted getting pictures taken everyday to post on the blog...even if it was once a month...but thanks. You should try these red pants from Hot Topic...you cant beat the price. Let me know what you decide on...

    CANNY COLE: Me either...so it was a surprise when i saw they had some!

    DANIELLE L: glad to hear you bought it! i love my case..its so cute. I nfact a few people have told me they bought the same case since I posted about it. Good choice. The only issue i have with it is that its a little hard to take the phone out of it, i always think its going to break... :)

    TIA: No way as I told Monika, I would be exhausted getting pictures taken everyday to post on the blog!

    STARLET STARLET: Yes, it all fit perfectly :)

  36. Such a cute purse. I love the color and brass metal details. Great outfit too!

  37. totally LOVEN the black jeans babes!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  38. what a treat! I know you said you won't be doing these often but your style is impeccable - you look great! thanks for the tip on the Hot Topic pants :)

  39. I've always wanted to see pictures of you especially with all your stylish stuff! Gosh. Love your outfit. Do more posts like this!

  40. you look gorgeous, Jen! love this segment. i just got a sudden urge to go work out!

    i am a tad envious that you can carry those beautiful clutches. i wish I could fit diapers in those ;)

  41. Hot!! I love the red pants and the pink blazer!! Color does amazing things to our wardrobes doesn't it? And PS. the clutch is amazing!!
    Nancy xo

  42. Hot Topic! Of course! Random but always fun to pull great items from unlikely sources and bring them together to make a fun and classy outfit.

  43. You look gorgeous! That bracelet is so cute. I've been looking for something like that! Thank you.


  44. OMG you look identical to megan Fox in this pic!

  45. Wow, you look amazing... I'm dying for a pair of red jeans now! More posts like this please :) ps - have a great weekend!

  46. Happy Friday Jen,
    You Look Gorgeousssss!
    You should model more often!

    Love your beautifulth style and belt and booties... just LOVE everythings.


  47. Wow! Awesome look! Great job!

  48. Looking HOTTT!!!
    Loving the outfits :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!


  49. love it Jen! you look so good!

  50. Great looks!! I love the leopard accents.

  51. You look all Megan Fox-y! (in the best possible way) Fabulous post! ♥

  52. This is the clutch I was talking about....the leopard one!! =)

  53. You have such amazing Style!
    Now, to find me the perfect pair of red jeans :-)


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