Photographer Highlight: Antoine Bootz

Photographer, Antoine Bootz is a fine art & commercial photographer. 
I always thought this was a cool job...going around to different cities or countries & shooting some of the PRETTIEST homes out there! He's originally from Paris, France but moved to NYC in the early 80's to pursue his career. 

It was a SMART move on his part as he is now a contributing photographer to some of the biggest magazines out there. Magazines such as House & Garden, Elle D├ęcor, Martha Stewart Living, The NY Times Magazine, Metropolitan & more!  With a resume like that, you can't go wrong! Below are some of my favorite images from his site, enjoy!!

-images by antoine bootz



  1. Wow love this photographer! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. I'm IN love wit the photo collage wall in the shape of a heart. What a fabulous idea!! I want to do this in my living room.

  3. those are all so great! love the polaroid heart. so cute!

  4. These rooms are stunning. And I agree with tamra. Definitely wanna do this In my room!

  5. Love the last three pictures. These interiors are so beautiful!


  6. I really admire good interior photographs, especially after trying to take decent shots myself! On a side note, that bathroom is gorgeous; so simple yet so elegant.

  7. OMG, how bad is it that I am looking at the bed and thinking it could be styled differently...yikes mean while the photos in the shape of a heart is the cheapest, cutest are idea ever

  8. I really like his photography! There's something really fresh about it... it's very natural.

    Have a great day, Jen!


    Luciane at


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