Romeo & Juliet Painting For Sale !!

I'm finally going to part ways with this HUGE painting, 48"x 48" to be exact. The words are from 'Romeo & Juliet' by Shakespeare & will look amazing in anyone's home!

I think it would look great anywhere in the home! It's been featured on design blogs as well as displayed in my own home at one point. It was one of my first personal paintings on Made By Girl! 

You can see it hung here in my old home at the top of the stairs.  More info below:

Price: $400
Shipping: $135 - due to its size.
Total cost = $535   

Canvas is already mounted but does not come framed. 

This is a great deal for a painting this size! If interested - please email me here
I'll invoice you via PayPal if you'd like to take it home!



  1. Jen...#1 I love your blog. #2 That painting is sooo amazing. I love it! I wish I could buy it but Brazil is a little to far for shipping.


  2. interesting:)

  3. OMG, i would really like this, but it's like outta my price budget ... absolutely love it!


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