INK: Innovation at the Workplace

INK, one of Southern California's top advertising agencies, recently expanded their offices & created a work environment suitable for creative people! As I've said before, working in an office that is NEAT & well put together, inspires CREATIVITY! 
In my opinion offices should invest their BIG $ money into the items they use daily.....& leave the smaller budget for everything else. IKEA is a great place to shop for this type of project. They have a ton of desks in several different finishes as well as counter stools for office kitchen areas! 

From the looks of it it seems INK got some of their items from IKEA, which is fantastic! 

The conference chairs however are probably not from IKEA....however similar style chairs can be found on sites like ZGallerie for under $300 each! Not bad? 

Investing in good conference room chairs should be a must for any company.....especially to impress (& make comfortable) out of town guests coming in to visit the company! 

Employee rec rooms are a big part of the MODERN office these days, at INK you'll notice they have a PING PONG  - perfect to get rid of any workday STRESS right?!? 
In my opinion, in order to really create INNOVATION in a workspace - you have to go against the grain!
Basically, think out of the box when designing your new offices. Do what MOST people are NOT doing. Get the picture?!? 

For example if you notice the INK office has a BAR in the conference room, more than likely for parties & so on...but STILL, different! Also, the SHAG RUG in the office- that isn't something you see ALL the time right?!? But in this case, it works.

And office without cool ARTWORK would be VERY BORING to me! INK has simple pieces - probably from local designers or even employees themselves. Great idea! This company is a perfect example of what the MODERN office (away from home) will look like! Enjoy!

 -images via INK



  1. This is very much along the lines of Swedish office/work thinking... They all get free gym memberships, massages and often fun areas to hang out. Always believing in happy and healthy workers are the best workers!

  2. You're so right! As a creative industries major I hope that one day I will be the one encouraging businesses to have special work spaces for my creative teams!

  3. I like that office space a lot. It's so bright and sunny!

    I think that the chairs you talk about are probably Eames Chairs {}. There are tons of knock-offs around but I think this is the original. I love the look of them in white.

    IKEA desk seating doesn't usually hold up in corporate or commercial spaces as far as I've seen. The price is great but I work in a small office and there are IKEA conference room chairs that are barely used and the wheels are constantly falling off.


  4. I want to work there! I think the environment of a work space is the key to keeping people productive and happy! I love to peek into spaces like this!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  5. That bar is a must for interoffice Happy Hours! What a great work environment.

  6. great office space, and I do agree that a well designed office can inspire creativity, also love love love your office space.

  7. Those conference chairs remind me of these ones I found at TJ Maxx for $129.99 -

    The ones I posted about were white but they had black also.

    PS. I'd love to work there! Bar in office? SOLD!

    For The Love Of [Luxe]


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