'One Gift' Featuring Maegan Tintari...(Via Made By Girl)

This series is called, ONE GIFT UNDER YOUR TREE.  Today, Meagan Tintari from Love Maegan will answer:

Because of blogging & taking hundreds of photos daily, I am in major need of a new computer ...and obviously I want the BEST OF THE BEST, the 27" Apple iMac.

For the last couple of years I've been using the older iMac - the white one -  and my HD is at capacity! {I literally have less than 1mb free space}  Last month BlogHer graciously sent me a new laptop which has been saving my life because I cannot upload one more thing to my iMac without it exploding!  

However, I have to load all my images onto the laptop/pc then upload the large files to flickr, then open and save each image from flickr onto my iMac/desktop so that I can edit them in Photoshop.  {I don't have photoshop on the laptop}.  So while it's been saving my arse, it's also a major PAIN in my arse {& lessens the quality of my photos}!  So more than wanting a new computer, I desperately NEED one for work {and my sanity}!

Maegan Tintari
 Graphic/Web Designer - Blogger
 Los Angeles, California - USA



  1. I hear ya! My power book died the week after my wedding...While I was thankful for the timing ( i designed tons of stuff for the big day) I was totally bummed..I tried to revive it (it was packed full of stuff too with zero room on the hard drive) but gave in and got a new mac book pro...i use the old white imac at work but im loving the new one on your wishlist...
    Heres to hoping one pops up next to your tree this Christmas (even if its from you to you!
    I love your website!

  2. Oh we just bought an iMac... I would love to have a macbook though... :D


  3. love her! I mean, look at her! so fabulous! :) and totally awesome person!

  4. It is GREAT ...my graphic/ web (okay, he's a mutimedia designer) designer just purchased one...and the screen looks magnificent...the whole unit looks magnificent.


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