Kitchen Update & Other Things...(Via Made By Girl)

This WEEKEND will be FULL of doing things at home...for the most part!  First, my Ballard Designs chandelier arrived & it is HUGE!!!  I'm really crossing my fingers & hoping it will look good in the dining space. My ceilings are 10 feet high, so it should look ok right??!? Should be hung on Saturday.....
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NOW MY KITCHEN........after realizing how much TIME & EFFORT it was going to take to paint everything ourselves, we decided to HIRE a local company to get the cabinets professionally lacquered.  Either way, I'm having the HARDEST time picking out a white. Can you believe it?!?? We've narrowed it down to the colors you see below. 

My 1st choice is Benjamin Moore's Simply White. You can see a photo of a kitchen I found here painted in simply white. Originally, I had selected BM Cloud White but after getting the sample on a cabinet it was a bit on the yellow side! 

I REALLY want the color of the cabinets to go well with my counter tops (pictured below) & then we're more than likely selecting a white subway tile back splash or carrara marble tiles. Now, my whole house is actually painted in cloud white, so my questions are: 

  • Should my cabinets be the same color as the walls (cloud white)in my home??
  • How close should the cabinet color be to my counter tops?
  • Do you think Simply white works for my kitchen? 
  • Would subway tile or carrara marble look better? 

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Let me know what you think, I will be reading all your comments, thank you!


  1. 1. I definitely like the Simply White- it is the purest/freshest white of your chips and looks the best with your counter tops
    2. I think it's nice to have a subtle variation in the cabinets and wall colour. My kitchen is cloud white and I have a piece of furniture that is painted oxford white and I like the slight contrast- otherwise, it all seems to run together, if that makes sense. I think the simply white would look gorgeous layered on top of the slightly creamier cloud white.
    3. I would go with the subway tile-I think carrera marble has been done so much and the subway tile lends a nice slightly less glossy touch to the space. Because your hardware and stainless steel appliances are modern and crisp, I think you a little contrast is again good. The subway tile, pendants (which I am CRAZY about btw) and new chandelier will nicely balance these more modern elements in the room.
    I think that's it and hope that helped. Kitchen renos are so fun- I'm just about to dive into that sea as well and I'm a little nervous about the whole thing- I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and now that's hear, I'm constantly changing my mind. I can't wait to see how yours turns out:)

  2. Love your chandalier!! It's beautiful. We had our cabinets sprayed when we moved a few months ago and it was the best thing we did! Our counter is dark and so is the backsplash right now (soon to be changed). The colour of our cabinets is Feather Down 0C-6. I love it - very cream in your coffee kind of colour. Good luck with everything....

  3. Goodluck this weekend, you sound super busy!
    I'd go with the Simply White and do the marble tiles. Hope that helps!
    Can't wait to see the chandelier up.

  4. I just bought some hardware from here line. Fingers crossed on the chanddy.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. have you considered grey for cabinets?

  6. I LOVE how clean and simple it looks. My bf would love a kitchen like yours. Congrats!

  7. Can I ask where you got the pendant lights hanginh your kitchen?

  8. I agree with Christine. I think the crispness of simply white {even though I suggested cloud white at first} would look great with cloud white walls. Also love the subway tiles. Or glass tiles in a linear elongated shape? or stone tiles that are linear and staggered.

  9. it's difficult to say for sure online, but I believe one of the colours I see there is Chantilly lace? If so, I've used this colour a number of times in many different applications and I've always been very pleased with the results! Simply white is definitely a safe bet too. I'm sure you'll make the right choice!

  10. I have white cabinets and white wainscoating in the same color as my cabinets. At the moment my walls are also the same color. It's too much of the same shade of white. I would paint your cabinets a different shade of white as the walls. I think it will provide more interest and layers. I think simply white would be a great choice.

    I have carrara marble counters and carrara marble hexagon tiles on the backsplash and love the way it looks. The marble has so much subtle but beautiful color variation and texture.

    I bought my hardware before the Martha Stewart line at HD but had that been available I totally would have gone with MS.

    Can't wait to see more pictures:)

  11. oh it must be hard! to me the simply white looks more yellow than clowd white, it could be my screen that's doing it though... i think i would go for more grey blue toned white option if i painted my kitchen today... i'm affraid that cabinets in our new home will be a bit too yellowish, so maybe we are facing the painting job too!

    the chandelier is just so wonderful i'm really out of words... the same goes with the hooka boots! :)

    have a lovely weekend! here in stockholm it's cold and snowy. but i'm off to the city for some christmas shopping!

    i'm by the way going to visit las vegas for the first time next year, and really looking forward to it! any fun tips? me and my guy are doing our first USA roadtrip starting from NY, then to Albuquerque,continuing to LV, LA, SF by car... i can't wait!!

    xo, tiina

  12. All your choices sound great, it will look beautiful. I have the same hardware, love Martha. Good luck and dont doubt yourself, you have great taste. Looking forward to seeing the transformation.

    visiting from

  13. Hej Jen! Love your blog!
    You have a nice kitchen. I love the idea to have subway tile in the kitchen. Here in Sweden, where i come from, it´s a huge trend to have a clean klassic kitchen in light grey or eggwhite cabinets together with caracara marbel and subway tails. I think it´s timless and it will work good even in 10 years time. You can bring color in to the kitchen by accent colurs on towles, flowers, furnitures etc. I think you should keep the lights above the kitchen island. Oh i would love to have that space. It´s a perfect kitchen to entertain and cook for all your friends.
    Good luck!

  14. I love what you have going on, but, I do have to tell you my "go to" white is Ralph Lauren Picket Fence white. It is so pure and absolutely white without that blue or yellow tint to it. That is home depot, FYI....I am a white purest when it comes to the basic of everything, you can wrap yourself in the color around the basic elements and it always is so clean looking, so personally, I wouldn't go gray on cabinets, let the walls do the talking. Good luck...Susan

  15. We are going to paint our cabinets Benjamin Moore's Dove White--a creamy white--that will match the trim in our house. We are also doing white subway tile backsplash. I REALLY wanted carerra marble countertops, but opted for venetian gold granite when we got the Ikea countertop special deal. Love the chandelier! I'm sure it will be perfect with those high ceilings. Can't wait to see your pics!

  16. First of all, I don't think you could make a bad decision so keep going with your gut!

    I love the simply white for your kitchen {love a white kitchen} and I def. think there should be some sort of contrast in the cabinets and the wall color.

    I think the marble would would make the silver hardware pop!

    Love the chandelier too!

    It's going to look great...can't wait to see more pics!

  17. I usually like a bit of contrast between all the surfaces, but from your posts it seems what you want is an all white and modern kitchen, so using the same color on the wall and cabinets will probably achieve the look you are going for. One benefit of doing this is that the cabinets will visually read taller, almost blending into the wall color above their tops, and you had wanted to extend their height, right? If that is not in the budget now, at least this will help get the illusion of that look.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! Love the light fixture from Ballard, I hadn't seen this one. Janell

  18. Good call on hiring people to paint your cabinets -- we did it ourselves and it took forevvvvvver. (So many coats of paint!)

    I vote for subway tiles -- they're classic and subtle yet visually beautiful. And timeless.

    I like the Simply White, but I do think that some sort of complimentary contrast between elements is always good. I keep picturing teal or mustard yellow dish towels and accessories in your white-white kitchen -- oh, how they would pop!

    Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  19. I can't wait until I have a kitchen in a house of our own, that I can redecorate as I please! :) Can't wait to see what the chandelier looks like once it's hung!


    {Stop by and say hello!}

  20. I cant tell from the picture... in that picture simply white looks kinda yellow but the one on the top of the right column looks really fresh and white, and the one on the bottom left looks nice too.

    I dont think they have to match the marble exactly... not at all... Nor do they have to match the rest of the room.

    As for backsplash. Either or would look awesome. Personally, I like the subway tile. But I have seen marble backsplashes in a herringbone pattern that I have LOVED.

  21. Hi Jen! Hmm I think I would have the cabinets the same color as the walls. I actually relaly like subway tile as well. I'm sure what ever you choose would look great!

  22. My personal favorite white is BM White Dove. I recently painted an entire room this color and loved it. It is a creamy white with a greyish undertone. Great with the marble and hardware you have chosen. I feature a white blog post on my new blog Please check it out and I would love your feedback. I list your blog on my favorites list because it is so great!

  23. Your kitchen is going to be amazing!!! I can't wait to see it all come together. We are in the midst of a mini kitchen reno, I'll post pics soon. We've got white subway tile going in and I am so happy with it. Also, I like the Simply White option for your kitchen, we don't have white walls so it wasn't as tricky to choose a white for our cabinets. My kitchen will not be as fab as yours, but I am excited to take my 1986 home into the future!!
    Nancy xo

  24. I love the beveled subway tile, it gives great texture and it would look great with the marble! Those handles are fabulous!! Best, CC

  25. My kitchen was painted Simply white last December and I have been very happy with the color. I considered lots of BM whites and painted big swatches, etc, like Atrium white, and White Dove (which seems to be a very popular choice). In the end, I chose Simply White because I wanted a crisp but creamy white with as little undertone as possible. Everything else seemed too grey, pink, or yellow to me for what I wanted. I also heard that Simply White is the same as the color Ikea uses for their white cabinetry. Not sure if that is true or not but it comforted me because I was scared I was choosing something too white. It turned out creamy but crisp. Exactly what I wanted. Let me know if you want me to email you a picture. -Megan

  26. Your kitchen is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see!! I wish I had selected marble, it is gorgeous.

    Amy R.

  27. I think layering the whites is going to create a beautiful, rich effect, so my vote is for simply white paint.
    Subway tiles would offer a nice texture to the monochromatic space - have you thought about installing them in a herringbone pattern? Might be very nice :)
    A penny-round backsplash would also be very chic.
    Good luck!

  28. ugh.. choosing a white is SOOOO hard! We just recently built our home and did a painted white MDF kitchen, and I'm soooooo happy with the result! The color is Benjamin Moore - Vanilla Milkshake, I loved it so much I did my walls AND trim the same color! (just different sheens so they kinda do look a little different). Anyway, Vanilla Milkshake is a beautiful bright white, but with grey undertones.. definitely doesn't lean yellow, or blue, but more grey (but barely) and is SUPER easy to decorate around... the color is SO delish. I'm in Canada though, and I wonder if you would have the same color there? Cause I know there are a few BM colors I've tried to find here and they say there are only available in US.. wierd, but true. Good luck with your choices! I'm sure it will be beautiful!! .. oh and KILLER chandelier!

  29. Love the lights in your kitchen! Subway tiles are always classic.

  30. STACY:
    Yes, I did think about the herringbone pattern, but my husband just HATES we have to find some kind of middle ground on what we both like :))) thanks!!

  31. LOVIN THAT: Do you have a pic on your blog of your sprayed down kitchen? Would love to see it! Maybe Ill just go look for it...thank you!

  32. BEAUTY PARLER: Yes, that's what Im leaning toward. My husband wasnt too fond of the marble tile until he saw it live in our kitchen :))) Thank you!

  33. TANYA: I did think about Gray, but i really have no gray in my home so I think the kitchen would stand out like a soar thumb.

    AUBREY: The pendants are from Circa Lighting, they're the LARGE Thomas O'Brien Hicks ones:

    Ahhh I love chantilly lace, but was worried it would be tooo BRIGHT. I hope I made the right choice. I hear that Simply White is a nice white thats not too super white, which is what I want. Thank you!

    NOELLE: Your kitchen sounds amazing! I may just go with the carrara marble tiles :) Glad you mentioned not having everything the SAME exact color...I was unsure about good to know. Thanks a lot!

    Tiina Parviainen:
    thanks for your tips! Wow that trip sounds like fun...I did something like that once & it was a blast. As for Vegas, there are so many places to go. I like eating at the top of the world restaurant at the stratosphere, amazing view...and the entire room spins while you eat. Shopping at the Fashion show mall as well as the Forum shops is nice - have fun!

    AMANDA: I agree, I also think the marble would make the silver hardware pop. thank you! oxox

    JANELL: Hi there! I didnt even think of that..the illusion...hmmm. We'll see how it looks since I already selected simply white...if I have to paint the tops of the kitchen wall same color, then we'll do just that. Hope you're having a good wknd! Thank you!

    DENISE BRIANT: Aww thanks. Will check it out now

  34. SKETCH 42: Ah i too love the herringbone pattern, but my guy would NOT go for it.

  35. I love all white but I feel like if everything in this space is white, the fridge and hood range will jump out at you (which I dont' think is your intention) so I would add some more texture in here. Penny tiles maybe or something else with more graphic lines?
    PS: Its looking completely fabulous!

  36. I think you made a good choice on the paint color for the cabs. As far as the backsplash goes, if it's in your budget go for the carrera marble tiles! It's a timeless stone and would look fabulous in your kitchen, ecspecially with the silver hardware you are looking at. It will give you a nice contrast and pop. Can't wait to see what you decide, either way it will be great!


  37. I have hickory cabinets in my kitchen that I'm not a big fan of. I would like to paint them but the texture of the wood would be noticeable (i.e. not smooth). Do you think that matters? I also was wondering how much is an average cost to have your cabinets painted? Does the paint chip off easily? Any advice that you could offer would be fantastic!

  38. SILLY: Im no expert in refacing/repainting cabinetry, so can only speak from experience. I think that the wood grain will show if not painted correctly, so hire an experienced painter. If you want lacquer then hire a company that does lacquered jobs. I would say the cost depends on the size of the kitchen...
    My kitchen size cost $3000, but the company did a mediocre job. I would rate them a 3 out of 5 for the issues i have in my bathroom which they say they will fix after new years. If not painted right,yes the paint can chip off of any method that is used....


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