'One Gift' Featuring Emily Clark...(Via Made By Girl)

This series is called, ONE GIFT UNDER YOUR TREE. Today Emily Clark from Emily Clark Blog will answer:

I'm crossing my fingers that Santa will bring me a new chair for our family room to replace the sad one we have now.  I want something with SLEEKER lines without being too modern.  I think a perfect choice is the Anderson Wing Chair from Williams-Sonoma Home.  

It's a fresh take on the traditional wingback and would be a vast improvement to the oversized (yet undeniably comfortable) chair we currently have.  I've never ordered furniture from WS Home and this chair is probably out of Santa's price range, but a girl can dream!  Especially at Christmastime.

Emily A. Clark
Interior Decorator/Design Blogger
Charlotte, North Carolina

 Thanks a lot Emily! More to come soon!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your nice comment;) I do understand what you are saying about the IKEA poster ... It happens to me a lot, I post some pictures on my blog and see the same kind of thing in my favorite magazine, wondering if we just had the same idea...

    I love your work, I did see the I love you, blogs and coffee poster but did not know where it came from. Very nice!


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