Pretty Stuff For Your Laptop... (Via Made by Girl)

I promised you on my Twitter that I'd gather up some really CHIC looking laptop cases & sleeves & below are my picks! Of course, my favorite is the Diane Von Furstenberg one. I'll add that one to my HOLIDAY wish list as well..... thank you very much! There's nothing worse than carrying a sleeve that looks like it belongs to a guy. 

I LOVE the fact that these designers thought of designing some chic patterns that women like myself, LOVE displaying around! 

Aren't these so much better than a plain black laptop sleeve??  uh-huh!



  1. I have a plain black leather sleeve. I'm heading over to Zappos. Didn't know they sold laptop sleeves.

  2. I love nr.8..Wow what a great selection:) Kisses

  3. Just added this to my List!

  4. Oh me oh my! These are fabulous! Adding the pink DvF one to my wishlist now! :)

  5. I for sure need one of these, probably the marc jacobs!

  6. love 1, 10 and 13! great picks, jen...makes me want to switch my desktop in for a laptop!

    joann @

  7. Lovely! I adore the Lodis and DVF ones, they look like clutches!


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