One Gift Featuring Leah Hill...(Via Made By Girl)

This series is called, ONE GIFT UNDER YOUR TREE. Today Leah Hill from The Way We Are will answer: 


Lately I have been smitten with Overstock. I have bought a cowhide, and an office chair from them and both are great quality and the best prices I have found. I have just recently found these amazing phantom chairs there and I LOVE them!
I am trying to incorporate more modern pieces with my VINTAGE items to create more of an eclectic feel in my home. The lines of this chair are so incredible and I think the black will add a dramatic flair to any space. The chances of me actually getting them are slim but maybe one day!  Thank you so much Jen for having me! 

Leah Hill
Stay at home Mama

Thank you Leah! More Bloggers responding soon!



  1. wonderful chair! best for the holidays!

  2. I love that chair. Leah has such a incredible eye for design!

  3. Great Chair! It's called a Panton S Chair by Verner Panton circa 1960's.....My dream is to own two in white.....

  4. I LOVE this chair as well...I just started putting together a little "wish list" of my own! Not really a Christmas gift list, but more of a "one day Im so getting one of these!" list :)
    I love the idea of mixing these modern pieces with the vintage elements. Cant go wrong with eclectic!

  5. Thanks for having me Jen!

  6. That chair totally rocks.

  7. What a great series Jen! xx

  8. wow, what a unique chair!!!

  9. Love Leah's blog!


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