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If anyone gets an email saying that you won a star from Made By Girl, DO NOT CLICK on the .exe or .zip link!  Somehow one of my emails got hacked & sent out a virus. Please do not open. There's no contest & I did not send that email! Sorry about that.  The same email was actually sent to me, that is how I found out. I've officially changed my email system over to another so this hopefully won't happen again.


  1. Ugh, don't you hate when your email gets hijacked? I just wanted to say thank you for stopping my to check out my stairs today! I don't believe I've visited your site before, but I will be perusing this weekend for sure!

  2. Oh, it's happening to my husband's email too! He discovered that there're forums with lists of emails and passwords, mainly those which have own domain!

  3. wow that really stinks...hope everything works out and it never happens again =]

  4. ugh just opened it. ha! nothing happened tho, does anyone know if something is supposed to? come on mac, you can beat this!


    I hope it doesn't do anything to your computer...that would be awful! Never click on any link in an email...always hover over it with your mouse (without clicking) and look at the bottom left on your browser to see what website it is pointing you to.

  6. SARA:
    Thank you & so glad you have visited..I love your blog! Lots of great ideas for a DIY person...!

  7. I had this same issue before... twice. My old yahoo e-mail address sent out an e-mail to my entire address book (including my new e-mail address).

    I keep contemplating closing the account but I do still use it once in a while.


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