Readers displaying their Made By Girl prints...

Every now & then I receive emails from readers wanting to share how they displayed our MadeByGirl prints in their homes. It puts a HUGE smile on my face to see my work in places like Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, Brazil & more! If you've purchased my work, please feel free to send us a pic of what it looks like in your home. Who knows, I may just post yours in the next round.  THANK YOU sooo much for your support, I am truly grateful!

P.S. If you see your pic here without a link, my apologies.  It probably means I must have deleted your email. Please email me & I'll link your photo back to you. 

above: Jillian Buechi


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  1. Beautiful photos! It must be great to see your work is loved and beautifully displayed at other people's homes :)

  2. Awww your work is lovely! Isn't it nice to get feedback and see people using items you've worked hard on?! Love it, fab items girl

  3. Thanks for you lovely comments!
    I'm a huge fan of your blog!

    best regards from Barcelona


  4. We've been looking for just the right print for a ladybug red bathroom and have found it here... Heading over to your store to buy it! Thanks for the great post and inspiration!

  5. These look great in the different settings!!

  6. How awesome of a feeling this must be to see your work in other people's spaces!! I'm actually going to purchase your "Love Patterns" print today and place it in my soon-to-be new office. :-)

  7. Muchas gracias por poner la foto de mi oficina!! Tu lamina me alegra cada día que tengo que trabajar en ella!!

  8. oh goodness, I absolutely love all those different setups! That is so cool. :)

  9. I *LOVE* the pictures :) It's great to see your artwork in different places!
    Super inspiring…

  10. I love your work, Jen!!!! You have such good taste and creativity! I would like to invite you to participate in a contest that I´m promoting in my blog. It´s about travel pictures. I´m going on vacations to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic ans Slovakia in less then a month and will bring a present from one of those countries to the follower who presents the best travel picture, voted by whoever wants to participate. Would you like to submit a picture? I´d be soooo happy!!!!! You´d just need to send it to my personal e-mail until March 26th.

    Best regards and good luck!!!!!

  11. I bet its soo fun for you to see them in peoples homes :)

  12. KATIA:
    Oh that sounds great....I haven't traveled that much lately so not sure if I could enter the contest...I'll take a look at your blog now. :) Thanks!

  13. Great photo's, love the bathroom. Some great ideas on your blog and postings. xx

  14. Hi Jen!

    I've stumbled upon your blog sometime ago and just now rediscovering you all over again. I do not recall where I might of picked you up, just know that I started following you on Twitter and then it went from there.

    Your blog is just lovely. It is so beautiful to see and visit. I will soon visit your shop to get to know you better. But so far I am inspired and fascinated with your work.

    These images are all lovely. I love each print, especially the baby blue Love print and frame and the alphabet in the children's room. Beautiful job.

    This is the first of many more comments to follow I'm sure.



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