Flying back home.....

At the airport, on my way back home. I had such a blast here in NYC!  NSS went pretty well for MadeByGirl and the press seemed quite interested in my work, yay!  I met so many other bloggers and people who have been reading my blog and that alone made my day. All in all it was a success and I'm happy to have experienced it.  Will be posting shots of the booth soon, so come back to see it all. 



  1. Oh i'm glad it went well and i'll keep my fingers crossed that the press spread the word and you get lots of business from this event! xx

  2. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your display was at the Stationery Show. Yours one of the booths I was most excited to see, and everything looked even better in person. I hope you get a ton of good fortune from your visit! Sneak a peek:)...

  3. I've missed your posts! Can't wait to see photos of all your fun! Julie and I hope to go to the show next year.

    P.S. Need details on the shoes you are wearing in the photo please! Too cute!

    { Lindsey }

  4. Hello Lindsey,

    I missed posting....its so hard to do that when your in NYC. All I wanted to do after the show was get some dinner and relax hehe
    Anyhow...thanks for dropping by...the shoes I was wearing at the airport are some ballet flats from Calvin Klein. Very comfortable!

  5. The Lil Bee, I love your web name..adorable.

    Anyhow it was super nice that you dropped by my booth to say hello, thanks!! ALSO, glad you liked my both, I'm totally smiling....yay for the post about me on your page too! : )

  6. Glad you made it home safe and sound! I was channeling good thoughts your way while you were in NY - did you notice? Heheh. :)

  7. Hi Sarah, Hmmm Not sure if i noticed ha!

  8. Glad to hear you had a great trip!


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