1. Hello Jennifer!
    I love receive your email ...
    And as I am of fan made by the girl, already put a link there on my blog!
    A hug from Brazil!

  2. Lu,
    how are you? Oh thank you for the sweet comment!
    I also added your link and will be back to visit your blog! Hello to Brazil! : )

  3. Melbourne, huh? Now you have even more of an excuse to come and visit me one day. {laugh}

  4. AnonymousMay 14, 2008

    How sweet! I'm sure that made your day. :)

  5. oh how wonderful that she emailed you! totally nice of her!!
    i cant wait to get down to Melbourne myself - its only a 1hr 20mins flight from Sydney...its been a while since Ive been down there!

  6. That's so cute, and her store looks amaaaaazing!


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