A stop at Booth 1842-MadeByGirl (Part 1)

The 'National Stationery show' was a great learning experience for me and my business. Exhibiting gives you an opportunity to network and meet people in the press you normally wouldn't be able to reach online. I'm so proud of my booth it didn't let me down, everything stayed intact!  Please leave your comments, good or bad, I can take it.

*Above, some of the fashion I wore at the show- for those who were curious.

*More fashion above...

*Before set up - what a mess!

*Hmmm looking good- what a difference the frames make.
We actually created those frame wallpapers ourselves.

*More NSS pics to come.........


  1. Thanks for the peek. I so wish I could have gone to see all the talented stationers. Great idea with the frames- the booth looks awesome :)

  2. Hi Jen, it was a pleasure meeting you even for a brief moment! Love your work! Congrats...yes the Nastee Notes and Blue Sugar Press are my companies as well...hopefully next year I will have the time and chance to exhibit!
    Congrats once again

  3. i wish i could have been there! your booth looks fantastic, it was designed well. that is great that Made By Girl did well. Good for you! I want to see more photos!!

  4. Wow, I'm not sure what I was expecting but your booth turned out great! :)

    Good job to you and your team! Yay!

    Hope you had nice weather while you were out there!

  5. Your work is great!
    Beautiful,talented girl!!!

  6. Your setup is amazing! One of the best I think I've ever seen. Its very inviting, like a laid back lounge art gallery. It looked like a lot of thought was put into it and you really care about your products. The frames for the cards is a wonderful idea! Seriously I'm blown away!

  7. Your booth looked adorable! I wish I could have been there to check it out. Good luck on everything. I love everything you create. Oh and your dresses you wore were so cute.

  8. Great booth! I hope you get tons of orders for your fabulous stuff! Love the chair and pillow too.

  9. Your booth looked Beautiful and very chic. Congratulations on your show! Job well done.

  10. AnonymousMay 24, 2008

    congrats! your booth looks amazing! i love the cards on the frame wallpaper! it looks so cool!


  11. Jennifer:

    Your booth is Amazing...love, love, love your frame wallpaper. The pillows, the chair...*sigh*.

    Thanks for sharing...hope your orders exceeded your expectations. :)

  12. Wow, your setup looks fantastic!

  13. Girl, your booth looked amazing!!! I kik myself for not finding it! I don't know what happened:(
    I thought I went through the show twice... what else have I not noticed:(
    Judging from the pictures, you and your booth looked fabulous!!! good call on the mint green dress! Also, I noticed that if you had large bold graphic in the booth (like your love posters) it would catch the eye and pick the interest (after all, there was a ton of fab stationery and you just had to stand out to get noticed).
    I hope the show went well for you!!!! xo,helen:)

  14. Your setup is beautiful!! I would have stopped for sure if I saw that!! Great job!

  15. What an amazing accomplishment! Your sign is esp darling, too!

  16. OH WOWWWW! thanks so much to everyone whos commented so far. I'm so glad you guys liked the setup. It was a lot of work but worth it.
    I have to admit, i TOTALLY miss ny. There is nothing like it! Being back home in VEGAS, is so different and i miss the variety of restaurants, the Starbucks on every corner, cute guys on every block....hehe Its so true though!

    I wish I had gotten a chance to walk the show myself. I did just a little but had to get back to my crew at my booth. I can see how you may have missed some rows...its like a maze there hehe- maybe next time! : )

    That was sweet, thanks! I picked up several more stores at the show so thats exciting! Including a BIG one I cant talk about yet...don't want to jinx it!


    Thanks! The chair and pillows were my faves too! The pillows i bought from London..via Karen Hilton Designs. She's such a doll and her work is fabulous.

    How are ya? Yup, I should be posting more pics this week...!

    The wallpaper got lots of attention at the show, 2 women even came over at one point and thought they were real frames...it was too funny. My production manager and I did the layout and got them printed for the show. They turned out really cute. thanks!

    Thats such a cool compliment, thank you so much.

    Hi there! So sweet of you to say that...thank you!
    Glad you liked the dresses too...although it was so cold in NY- i still wore them. : )

    hehe funny u mentioned the weather, it was sooo RAINY almost everyday. Except the first and last day. Figures. Talk soon.

  17. VANESSA:

    It was super nice to meet you too...the minute I saw your badge I recognized your name...hehe : )
    Hope you'll be exhibiting next year!

  18. your booth looks awesome, i'm sure everything was a success

  19. Wow! Your booth looks phenomenal!! I wish I could have seen it in person! Great job :)

  20. I can see lots of nice things there!

  21. I think the booth looked great! Congrats on such a colorful and fun display!

  22. thanks! Maybe next time i will do something to totally different and a bit more subdued. Just for the heck of it..! ha.

  23. Congratulations Jennifer, you and your booth look gorgeous! I must comment that you are in the best shape, man you look like you run 10 miles a day. Love this booth set up, very nice! :)

    If you are there next year I will stop by and say hello since I'll be attending (missed this year).


  24. Thanks Holly,

    Like I wrote over on your blog...thats too funny. Its all the craziness of school, taking care of my pup and the whole business side of things. Glad you like the booth...a lot of work, but worth it.

    AND YES, I hope to be there next year, so would love to finally meet u ! : )

  25. Yay! Great booth! I love getting to see your different looks during the show too, for the fashion lovers. Hope it was a big success!


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