Random images I've saved....but why?

Ever wonder what compels you to save one image over another? Why beautiful interiors are so eye-catching? What do we keep these images for? inspiration? motivation? Do we wish we could one day live in a home like that, wear those clothes? drive that car marry that man?? As I pulled these various images off of my harddrive I began to wonder why I was drawn to each and everyone of these.....I came up with this: inspiration for my home, motivation to succeed in my business. Be up on the latest trends....etc. What type of images do you have on your hard drive?? And what triggers you to save those over others?? I'm curious.....

*Above Vogue Living Australia -Thanks Felicity!!!!!!

*Above MY DREAM SOFA- from Real Living Shopping

*above from Snobber Blog

*Above from the book 'Bazaar Style' available on Amazon.

*Above from Marie Claire Maison

*Above from Sara Jane's Blog

*Above from FOREVER 21

*Above David Beckham Armani Ad

*Above from Living Etc.

*Above from Amy Chin.

*above from Living Etc.

*Above from this blog.


  1. No 1 - Vogue Living Australia, May? 2008. Pippa Holts's London Apartment :-)

    Hugs Felicity

  2. These days mostly inspiration for my home.

  3. I love these. Maybe I've been shaving my legs everyday, waiting for David Beckham to call!

  4. Amy Chin just makes me smile, smile, smile!

  5. i love that couch! what a great find. i have been organizing all my saved links in ma.gnolia.com. it helps!

  6. Lovely images! My reasons for bookmarking things are the exact same. Interiors, exteriors, quotes I'd like to live my life by, all inspire me to keep moving forward.

  7. I have hundreds of interior pictures! I really need to update my flickr account but always forget. I also save weird and quirky accessories for the home. You have some very fun photos Jennifer!

  8. Hey, I spotted a postsecret secret in there! Cool photos!

  9. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    Did you ever hear David Beckham speak before Elocution lessons?

  10. I love this mini-purge of images -- i especially like the leg shaving image and that adorable forever21 shirt!

    - Jessie -

    PS. congrats on the NYC booth! :)

  11. Loved seeing your collection of saved images Jen -- have some of the same ones saved as well, such as the desk from Marie Claire Maison, and of course, Liza Giles' place. And it's not hard to guess why you saved the Armani ad :)

  12. I love rooms with great style, like the ones you posted. A modern take on early 1960s design. I especially love the white walls and furniture, with splashes of bright color.

    But sometimes I think it only works in magazines...

  13. Hi, my name is Aline, and I'm from Brazil! andd i love the "dream sofa", and i want!!!

  14. AnonymousMay 28, 2008

    I definitely do the same, and most of the time I will paste them up in my sketchbooks. What usually compels me to capture a certain image over the other would definitely be that of bright colors and mixed patterns/textiles. I like to keep images that carries some sort of element that I can use in our apt. or future home...currently I have lots of small space pics!:) PS: that Living Etc. Room is in my image collection too..it's so pretty!

    thanks for naming that image for me, i appreciate it. I totally forgot where i got it....but i ADORE it.

    KARINA: Good answer, i have a feeling its also inspiration for most people. Including myself.

    LOL I am totally with you on that, in fact I have been waiting for him to call too. As well as a few others that SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS.....!!

    Amy Chin is so talented, luv her work.

    YES! That couch is the one I hope to have when I replace my big chocolate brown one from ZGALLERIE...one of these days!!

    Great, thanks!

    Hi there, how are you?
    That Forever 21 shirt i actually bought one so similar because of that photo. I guess that is another reason i save pics, to remind me to purchase that item...or one like it. Thx about the booth!!

    Thanks! I wish i had the time to add more images to my FLICKr but I'd never get this blog updated if i did ha!

    OOOh the David Beckham shot, yes we know why i saved it haha, thanks.

    I love white rooms as well with splashes of color. I think it works great in anyone's home. If you have the right accessories it will come together pretty well.

    Thats a good idea...i think i also save certain images to try and decorate my home in a similar way etc..its all mostly for inspiration i guess.

  16. p.s ERICKA: bright colors in photographs of interiors are my favorites....i love them!

  17. I keep a random selection of images for various reasons: some simply evoke a positive emotion (happiness, calm, inpsiration, excitement, love), some are kept because of the quality of workmanship within the image (objects I'd like to make or add to my own environment) and some purely for aesthetics (colors, shapes, composition) like all the beautiful pics in Real Living mag.

  18. My boyfriend and I we'll move togeter in a few months and I love your pictures. They inspire me a lot!!

    I really want to be a rich woman so that I can afford all these pretty things. och...

    It's good that I am able to sew, as I mentioned, that's a great inspiriation!


  19. My fave pic is definitely the Marie Claire Maison! That great balance between chaos and calm. LOVE IT! And the Amy Chin shot too...so colorful!

    Alright...and Mr. Beckham ain't hurtin' the eyes either. Bastard! ;)

  20. OMG! The photo collage above the work station in the Marie Claire mag...it is just to die for! Thanks for the punch of inspiration!

  21. I save pictures to later use in a blog post, inspiration for my home, inspiration for my job(designer) for color combos-patterns etc, but mostly for the pure pleasure of looking at them. The ones on my hard drive are quite similar to yours :)

  22. Love your collection of saved photos - perfect idea to throw them all out there at once!


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