Been wanting upholstery like this......

FOR AWHILE. I've always wanted a sofa or a chair with this mix and match upholstery in my office. I wonder how much something like this would cost to get done. Does anyone want to attempt a guess?? Lets assume we have already bought the single chair (on the left) for about $350-$450, what might the upholstery cost be? I love the various mixtures of fabrics, reminds me of this Living Etc Chesterfield sofa (pictured below on the right) with the patchwork-looking fabrics!

*awesome upholstered chair from Pink Chalk Studio Blog


  1. these are tres fabu! no clue how much the upholstery would cost, but i want one of each. the sofa is especially dreamy with the tufts & strong lines.

  2. I love that chair...just gorgeous! It would probably cost a pretty penny to have it upholstered...

  3. Is that sofa by 'Squint'? I saw some in 'real life' at Liberty in London and i've been dreaming about them ever since.

  4. Hi Camilla!
    Not sure if its from Squint...I think someone at Pink Chalk studio blog upholstered this piece...its lovely though isn't it??

    I will have to take a look at Liberty in :)


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