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Hello Everyone! Mondays and Tuesdays are very busy for me, being that I am in school, so forgive me for not posting much those couple of days!. Anyhow, I've added a new card design to my shop and this collection contains a series of four cards. I call these 'Colored Pencils'....because I made them with colored pencils -obviously. All the cards in my shop are made with 100lb RECYCLED card stock! (All blank inside) These 4 cards are fun and simple , no fancy artwork here. For anyone to enjoy. So go ahead, order a few and send some LOVE this coming Valentines Day! Find them all at: MadeByGirl.



  1. Love the simplicity, love the colors. Your line of cards is great!

  2. Hi MMI,

    Glad you like them.. I tried to make these as simple as possible..something anyone can appreciate but may not have time to do themselves.

    Thanks for checking them out!

  3. jennifer, thanks so much for reading my blog--i love yours, it's so fancy! and to think, i'm in the market for some stationary . . . headed over to check out your shop! also i'm adding you to my links.

    thanks for reading :)

  4. Hey Snobber,
    thanks a bunch to you too for the're now on my blog roll too : )

  5. Loooove the cards. So glad you stopped by...Going to go shopping tomorrow with your recommendation in mind, so if I don't get the job, not only will I hold you personally responsible, but you will also have to send me one of your lovely cards excusing yourself. It would simple be the proper thing to do. ;-)


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