Miss Sassy Pack

Hello everyone! Today I shot some cute pics of the newest cards added to my shop, Madebygirl. This pack is simple, nothing complicated about it, and oh sooo sweeeeet! Perfect for Valentines Day which is quickly approaching! Have you gotten your sweetheart a card or two yet ??? If not, this pack is only $11.00 and its printed on 100% recycled paper. (Blank inside, 4 cards, printed on 100lb quality card stock).



  1. hi jennifer

    i just wanted to pop by and say thank you for visiting my little blog and being so kind to leave such a sweet message. i'm so pleased that people are starting to speak...it gives me such a boost.
    anyway back to the point, i love these cards. lovely naive drawings that are too pretty and in crayon too! the perfect touch. i'm a big fan of your cards, have browsed them a few times before and have been jealous of your success since i stumbled across madebygirl.

    hope you keep visiting me!
    bexy ;)

  2. Hello Bexy,
    Its so nice to see you drop by my blog and my website! Thanks! I'm actually jealous of your drawings, hope to learn to be that good one day. With computers nowadays taking over everything most of us dont bother to pick up a pencil and draw the old fashion way anymore....but im trying to get there.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, will add you now. : )

  3. Hi Jen,
    Oh, these are so pretty!


  4. hello Ana....!

    Glad you like them!
    : )


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