Storefronts can be just as interesting and unique as the interior of the stores. I know I'm always drawn to cozy and colorful looking ones. The window displays always help to catch my eye, so business owners, make sure you have some good stuff in your windows. I got these cool images from Yelp - this site is awesome (its basically a review site for businesses, very helpful) you can search for many types of businesses throughout the U,S. and many of them even have pictures like you see here. I spent such a loooooong time on this site, I lost track of time! Maybe some of you recognize these stores??



  1. I have always enjoyed taking photos of retail display and windows.I'll have to check them out. I did a review of your business on my blog this week! Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey LPE,
    I totally love storefronts and just got an email from one of the guys over at Yelp, thankking me for the sweet of him. : )
    Its a helpful site, so check it out.

    Thanks for the review i appreciate it and what you wrote i LOVED!! aw!
    Will add it to my press soon!

  3. Jennifer:

    Thank you for being an environmentally friendly manufacturer and I love your new is fantastic!

    Please check out to see my shout out to MadebyGirl.

    Thank you!

  4. Wow that site is so addictive!!! Thanks for sharing it's good to be able to read the reviews for places I'd wanted to visit in philly, as well as provide reviews for places I love yet may not be popular or what have you. And planning to visit boston in the summer so will be utilizing them to find out what's good to get into while there.

  5. Since it's past my bedtime I will have to return later to check out Yelp, but it sounds so cool! These photos get me excited for my trip to NY next month! On how I love window shopping in NY!

  6. Oh yelp and am a frequent user and "contributor". Great for a number of reasons but I think it's a great way, as an entrepreneur, to research other businesses...see what people like and don't, find places that you might like to present your wares that you wouldn't know about normally, etc. Yes indeedy...Yelp is great.

  7. I'm a storefront junkie too! I just posted about few themed windows today.

  8. Hey Jen, this is such a great collection of store fronts!! Love it!


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