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After seeing this book ('The Left Bank Look') via Decor 8....I just had to get it! So happy I did, its so cute and perfect for people who love to do arts and crafts. Although I am not a huge crafter, I appreciate it and I LOVE books! The Left Bank Look is by Anne Hubert. Here's the way it was described on Amazon. The idea is simple: Take plain, mass-produced basics from your closet--shoes, clothes, linens--and use easy DIY techniques and inexpensive materials to transform them into chic treasures inspired by design from the streets of Paris. Check it out on Amazon.

Also, this other book 'Interior Design Course' by Tomris Tangraz , is one of my favorites! Its great for the aspiring designer like myself and helpful if you're in school or already working in the design field. This book is very helpful because it starts all the way from the basics....I picked up this copy at my local bookstore.

* image above from Interior Design Course



  1. thanks for passing it on..will have to check it out soon!
    - Jessie -

  2. Even if you don't like arts and crafts the cover of The Left Bank Look is adorable for a coffee table.

  3. um, the left bank book?

    must have.

  4. Looks like I need to get on Amazon right now, thanks for sharing!


  5. I just may have to get that Left Bank book. Hey, I stopped by your I'll be in #2030 at NSS. Almost neighbors!

  6. Hi Evy,
    You have a fantastic location! Yes pls come say hello...or i may just see you first when i walk in ha!
    Anyhow best of luck, and thanks for dropping by my blog....this book is very cute!

  7. it's a sign! I was at amazon this morning and the first book they suggested to me based on my preferences was the Left Bank book. I'd never heard of it.

    I'm now catching up on some blog reading (Decor8 is next) and you mention the Left Bank book.

    The third "sign" will be when I do catch up on Decor8 posts and she'll mention it. Guess what book I'm getting today. ASAP!

    Do you have to be crafty to follow the book's instructions?

  8. The shirt is super cute! And I'm going to have to pick up these books! They sound great.


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