DESIGN: Mix & Match

Hi everyone, its Lisa from Gem Daily with another obsession of mine: dining rooms. I just love how they are much more casual and personal these days and everyone is straying away from the stuffy, traditional dining rooms that we all grew up in. Dining rooms are the most perfect way to bring in a statement lighting fixture piece, a classic table and unique seating; all are investments but that doesn't mean they can't have a bit of an edge!

Check out some dining rooms I've been coveting lately and funky pieces I've been dying to mix and match!

Kristen Nix via domino 

 photo MBG_mixandmatch_zps5dcdb81c.jpg
three // wishbone chair
four // beck pendant
five // evers pendant
six // cannon lamp
eight // atherton table

-post by lisa fisbeck



  1. so nice pics!! ; ]

    i invite to me too

  2. Clean and beauftiful home decor... excellent blog!

  3. That world-map inspired kitchen is one of a kind. - Patrick Tan


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