DESIGN: Powder Room

Hi darlings, it's Monika here from ohmydeco! I was doing my usual tour on the blogs the other day and found the most stunning powder room design, by Amber from amber interior design
Have you seen it? I love it to the core and just couldn't resist sharing with you!! I love the bold, floral wallpaper on the walls and the brass details, not to mention the marble sink!

Have a look here and find the inspired look below!

/ 1 Floral wallpaper / 2 Fresh soap / 3 Round mirror / 4 Chic stool / 5 Soap pump / 
/ 6 Vintage washbasin / 7 Jewelery box/ 8 Glass vase / 9 Wall scone /

-post by monika


  1. I LOVE everything that's happening here! so sweet without being too girly. Just absolutely chic.

    x Lily

  2. How lovely. Very swanky and chic. Wish I had room for a powder room/vanity area in our home.

  3. This is gorgeous. That jewelry box is stunning!
    xx, Angelica


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