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So I have some really exciting news for you guys!! I recently partnered up with Lamps Plus!! I feel so honored to be working with them, as they have a ton of great stuff I'd highly recommend to anyone.

So what does this mean for you?? It means that you can now purchase MY designs on Lamps Plus! Yup – Jen Ramos for Lamps Plus, you read that right ;) You can check out some of my chevron Ikat-inspired lighting here! With up to 16+ different color combinations to choose from, you can find the right lamp shade for you! OR, if none of the given color schemes really speak to you, you can go ahead and design your own! How awesome is that? They give you the option of choosing from 4 different colors. I played around with the feature myself and created these chic black and white patterns... check them out below!

The lamps featured above include:

Check out more fun pendant lights like these here!! Enjoy!!!

- post by jen ramos


  1. Love Love Love!!! Congrats Jen!

  2. awesome! I remember you posted them on instagram once, gorgeous lamps.

  3. I love these ceiling lights!! I think one would be perfect in our new master closet once it's finished!! :)
    ~Sarah @ 702 Park Project

  4. Wow! Congratulations on a fab partnership. Love your style and the lamps look gorge - ;-)

  5. Congratulations. The shades are so cute!

  6. Congrats Jen! Love the black and whites!!

  7. Oh Jen those are fun! Congrats on the partnership :)
    Are more designs coming in the future with them?


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