DIY: Chocolate-Dipped Glitter Apples

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?  As for me, I decided to get creative (as usual) over the weekens & make some dark chocolate glitter apples. I love Dark chocolate & for this DIY I used Green & Black's 85% bar & Honey Crisp apples. These particular apples are ideal for this because they're always crunchy, juicy & sweet!  So.....keep reading below to learn to make these beauties.

  • Rinse off your apple with water & dry it well. Chop the honey crisp apples into slices - you can slice them into relatively thin pieces like I did mine. 
  • Once the apple is chopped, dry it again to remove the excess moisture so that the chocolate will have an easier time adhering to the apple.   
  • Break your Green & Black's bar into small square pieces - I used about half of the bar for one apple.  Put the chocolate into a small, but somewhat deep bowl.  Insert the chocolate into the microwave & add 30 seconds.  Keep an eye on it the whole time as chocolate tends to get hot fast and burn!  If this happens, it will NOT go on smooth & you will have to re-do. After the 30 seconds, remove the chocolate from microwave & stir a bit.  If the chocolate hasn't melted, add it into the microwave again for another 10-15 second interval. Remove again & stir until it is fully melted.  Stirring will help melt the chocolate faster.  Once it is melted with a smooth consistency, then it is time to dip your apple pieces! 
  • Dip one apple slice at a time halfway into the bowl, you can use a spoon to fill in any spots on the apple not covered with chocolate. I decided to dip them halfway - it's just easier to hold. Hold the apple in the air over the bowl & let any chocolate-drippings fall into the bowl. Once it feels like it's no longer dripping, carefully place it onto a clean plate. Once placed down, do not move them around or it will be a mess!  Repeat this with every slice - once you've dipped all the pieces, it's time for the decor with glitter!!
  • I decided to decorate the apples with edible glitter from Rainbow Dust edible glitter. For my DIY - I chose the Gold.  Just place some glitter in your hand & sprinkle it over the plated apples. There you have it!

-top photo by jen ramos



  1. What a cute idea! I didn't know there was edible glitter! Game changer! Everything is better with glitter-even food!


  2. These look absolutely delicious, my mouth is watering! What a fun, girly little treat.
    Fabulous post, as usual!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  3. Edible glitter sound amazing, I'm suddenly hungry!!

  4. @hannah- yup! I'll be making more for an event I'll be going to right before Vday.

  5. Glitter apples sounds like my perfect afternoon treat! Oh this would be so nice for a shower party or v-day :) More food posts because I love them! :)

  6. Edible glitter?! Where have I been? These apples would be the perfect ending to my v-day dinner! Thank you for such a cute idea.


  7. They look great! And I have never had chocolate and apples together! No doubt I would love it!

  8. Saw this on your IG over the weekend and loved the idea! Gotta do this for my co-workers and hubby...maybe apple for them and strawberries for him :) Thanks for sharing Jen!

  9. nice !! ;-))

    new post

  10. I must try these! My guys would love them. :) Thanks for sharing Jen!

  11. I have a girls group once a week and this would be a great dessert to bring. The glitter had me suspicious at first, but now that I know it's edible, I might be glitterfying all of my food. So happy got see this post!


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