Valentine's Day Wishlist

I'm already eager for Valentine's day.  And you? 

Are you hoping for a Romantic dinner? A vacation? some gifts? - for me, I think V-day should be as often as possible, not just on February 14th.  Celebrating LOVE should be an on-going thing if you're married or in a relationship. Don't you think??

There are many ways to celebrate - and we'll talk about that in the coming weeks before V-day - but today, I thought I'd share my V-day wishlist. Which means, any of these beauties would make a great gift! My two faves are #2 iPhone case from GiGi New York & the pony hair booties from Schutz.

 1. pony hair schutz booties // 2. iPhone case - Gigi NYC // 3. Joseph leather- The Outnet  // 4. Eduardo Garza crystal box - west elm // 5. Nate Berkus - wall decor/Target // 6. MCM - heritage pouch // 7. Barney's fur coat // 8. Fleur de Mal lingerie // 9. Buxom full-bodies lipstick -sephora // 10. marni glass -JaysonHome // 11. BKR Water bottle // 12. ink scribble coaster - LEIF shop



  1. Love the west elm box; unfortunately not available in Australia! Will have to try a us forwarding service as us we no longer ship to oz. Grrrr. Lovely choices Jen! X kl

  2. nice!! ;))

    new post

  3. @KL eternalicons - that's too bad. I know what that is like - there are shops overseas that don't ship to USA either..and they have some amazing things. But yes, getting it to a US address is always an option..

  4. Love that black crystal box! Great find.

  5. The phone cover and the coat are my faves!

  6. I lOVE the black crystal box and the lipstick!
    NICE LOOKS as always!

  7. I don't know if we'll be doing gifts for V day but I sure do love that lingerie set and the coat! :D

    xo Ashley

  8. Love the coasters and the booties! Great selection!

  9. Love the coasters and the booties! Great selection!


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