AERIN Eau De Parfum

Hey everyone!! How are you guys enjoying 2014 so far??

Why don't we start the week with something sweet!!  I love wearing perfume, don't you? So, today I wanted to let you in on a hot new fragrance line called AERIN.  The garden inspired scents are unbelievable – I actually went ahead about bought myself a little Christmas present: the Amber Musk. The packaging is also gorgeous as you can see below - the beautiful fabric-like boxes sold me right away! Check out some of the wonderful scents they offer, and start your year off on the right "note".

Have you tried Aerin yet? Which is your favorite scent from the collection??

- post by jen ramos



  1. Ohhh the caps on those bottles are darling! And I completely see what you mean about the boxes! The Lilac Path fragrance intrigues me the most. I'll have to check them out if only to see if I can smell that one!

  2. These bottles remind me of my current favorite- Joe Malone. I definitely want to check these out. Thanks for sharing!


  3. pretty ;)


  4. I haven't tried her line yet, but the packaging alone is sucking me in!



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