Joyfolie is a cute shop run by Jessica Haley.  Her shop has a variety of cute wedges & peep toe shoes for little kids! It's been featured in several magazines & her line is now carried at Anthropologie!  

They are colorful, sparkly and fun! One style in particular from the women's line that I love is the interchangeable flower. The Alma wedge with a chevron pattern & gold trim are perfect when you want to do a casual event or something more dressy & exciting! You can place the flower toward the bottom of the shoe, the top or just leave it off. Neat!

Jessica was kind enough to send me a pair of these beauties - but I gave them as a gift to my assistant for doing such a great job! She loved them! Here she is below showing them pretty right?? I love the contrast of the mint colored polish too!!

Joyfolie is offering a 25% discount toward women's & kids shoes to all MadeByGirl readers! CODE: MADEBYGIRL25  Hurry now & get your pair! 

I really LOVE what Jessica says in the bio section of her shop: 

Joyfolie has led me to believe that extraordinary things are possible if we are willing to trust in God’s plan for our lives and step forward in the pursuit of our dreams.

Don't you love when people follow their dreams?? Awesome.

-top 2 and last image by jen ramos
-the rest are via joyfolie



  1. such pretty shoes. I LOVE the little girl's selection. I may have to get those yellow ones for preschool this fall for my daughter. HOW cute!
    xo, shari

  2. I DO love when they follow their dreams! These are so adorable, and your assistant must be so happy to have them! Definitely going to check out her other shoes.

  3. too damn cute!

    xoxo Jessica

  4. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Eek! Love the chevron / herringbone wedges. Love, love, love.

  5. Super dee dooper cute! It's all about following your dreams!! xoxo

  6. love those shoes! how adorable@! thanks for sharing !

  7. What a great inspiration and message in her bio!
    Those wedges are just beautiful!
    How especially sweet of you to give them to your assistant! What a lucky gal ;)

  8. The open toe wedge is adorable. Love also her selection for tiny gurls toes.Cute!

  9. I use to order shoes from her when my daughter was a baby. Each shoe would literally sell out in mere seconds. It's so great to see her dreams coming true. She's extremely talented.

  10. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    Very pretty, so girly !

  11. These are all too cute for words! Love the little girls' selection, would be perfect for my younger daughter, thanks!

  12. I love them they are so adorable. And I love the option of flower or no flower, thanks for sharing Jen I will check this site out!

  13. My husband always tells me if we have a little girl, we are in trouble! There are so many cute, girly things to buy them! Thanks for the link! The alma in natural are my favorite!

  14. this makes me sooooo happy! I found them a while ago on Gilt and found the cutest boots for my little girl. Anxious to use the coupon for them. Thank you for this!


  15. BRITTANY: I agree, i always find that the little girls have cuter things, and a lot more variety. But then again so do women versus men's apparel.


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