Design: Entertaining This Summer

Hello loves, it's Drew, bringing you some entertaining ideas for your summer porches and patios!

I just love a good picnic and barbecue overlooking a peaceful ocean or lake. That's what summer is all about! Cooking and sharing moments with close friends and family. Being surrounded by nautical or punchy decor doesn't hurt either! 

Here are two looks you can get inspired by and run with to create the most appetizing dinner party ever!

1 anchor pillow
2 navy & blue pillow
3 couch
4 umbrella
5 BBQ grill
6 charger
7 plate
8 lantern
9 table
10 flatware

 1 chair
 2 umbrella
 3 circled pillow
 4 pinwheel pillow
 5 stake light
 6 pitcher
 7 orange plate
 8 glass charger
 9 string lights
10 chip/dip plate
11 planters

-post by Drew Humphries



  1. I love the bold colours. So fun! Can't wait to have a party!!!

  2. Love them both! Can't wait to purchase new patio furniture.

  3. I love everything nautical and those pillows from West Elm are too cute!!

  4. Great round up! I love all things nautical and bright, I just can't decide which I like better...

    Love and Whimsy

  5. Love all of the fun colors. (When they go on sale, I'm all in!) Great post.

  6. You did it again Drew! Those planters from Crate and Barrel annnnnddd the Nautical pillow are going into my wish list, stat!!!

  7. I love the first one so calm and relaxing and I always adore everything that West Elm has!Thanks for sharing Drew!


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